James Bond 007 - Serpent's Tooth

Publisher: Acme Comics Ltd, Dark Horse Comics Inc, Glidrose Publications Ltd
Released: Issue #1 - July 1992, Issue #2 August 1992, Issue #3 - February 1993 (Paperback - December 1994)
Artist: Paul Gulacy
Writer: Doug Moench
Cover Artists: Paul Gulacy, Egon Selby
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Jerry Prosser

Data Stream
Villains: Indigo, Martika Pavna
Bond Girls: Sunny Vasquez
Allies: M, Miss Moneypenny, Senor Cruzado, Major Boothroyd
Locations: London; Lima, Peru; The Arctic; Switzerland; Pacific Ocean floor

Capsule Synopsis
The adventure begins with three seemingly unconnected events: a woman in abducted in Peru by flying saucers and ghost-like twins, a scientist is kidnapped in London, and missiles are stolen when a British nuclear submarine is attacked by a high-tech enemy craft under the arctic ice shelf. Meanwhile, James Bond is on a mission in Switzerland, encountering the wrath of a KGB window (007 killed her husband earlier). Bond is called in to London to search for 009, who had been investigating the missing missiles and had disappeared during his search in Peru. Prime suspect for the theft of the missiles is an man called Indigo, who suffers from a rare condition that gives him the appearance of a human lizard - with the help of a little genetics treatment. Bond faces his result of Indigo's experiments whilst trying to find the missing 009, and has a race against time to recover the nuclear missiles.

Above: Promotional Poster for Serpert's Tooth issue #1

Above: Cover art for of Serpent's Tooth, french issues #2 & and #3

Official Synopsis
Issue #1 - The martinis will be shaken, not stirred, as Dark Horse proudly presents a spectacular new James Bond series based on the popular Ian Fleming characters! A nuclear arsenal disappears! Unexplained phenomena is South America! Dinosaurs! Bond! What more can we give you? Well, maybe the team born to do this book: Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy! Don't miss out on one of the books of the summer. First in a series of new James Bond books from Dark Horse Comics and Acme Press.

Issue #2 - Beautiful girls and a maniacal villain who wants to change the face of the planet are all in a day's work for James Bond. The second part of this thrilling three-part story pits Bond against a savage South American jungle's most dangerous game -- a hungry dinosaur! Written by Doug Moench (Batman: Red Rain), with art by Paul Gulacy and color by Steve Oliff, James Bond 007: Serpent's Tooth delivers Bond the way only Dark Horse can!

Issue #3 - Would you destroy the world to make a new, perfect one? Indigo plays God and Bond is the serpent in Indigo's New Eden. Serpent's Tooth delivers all the Bond action, all the Bond thrills, and all the Bond savoir faire. There's no way anyone should miss the exciting conclusion to this incredible series.Written by Doug Moench with art by Paul Gulacy and color by Steve Oliff. Painted cover by Gulacy.

Issue #TPB - Stolen nuclear weapons, kidnapped scientists, and sightings of flying saucers and vampires; seemingly unrelated incidents, but if there's a connection James Bond will find it!

On the trail of the reptilian Indigo, Agent 007 stumbles on an insidious plot involving evolution, Genesis, and the possibility of a new paradise -- of course, a paradise under Indigo's rule!

Right: Tradepaper Back cover


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Best Line
"Another? Don't tell me you failed to conquer your peaks in Switz..."

Almost every sequence from the three issues has been heavily influenced by the movie series. Two of the most obvious "lifts" is the Russian woman avenging her lover's killing by 007 ("The Spy Who Loved Me"), and the river boat chase in the jungle, complete with Q-boat ("Moonraker").

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