The Hildebrand Rarity

Publisher: Daily Express
Released: 29th May 1967 to
16th December 1967
Serial: #429 to #602
Artist: Yaroslav Horak
Writers: Ian Fleming, Jim Lawrence

Data Stream
Villains: Milton Krest
Bond Girls: Liz Krest, Nyla Larsen
Allies: M, Miss Moneypenny, Bill Tanner
Locations: Maldives, London, Mombasa, Seychelles, Chagrin Island.

Above: For once, Bond is unaware of the background to the current crisis troubling M.

Capsule Synopsis
James Bond is sent to the Seychelles to investigate when, Sea Salve, a top secret British and American joint military venture, goes missing in the Indian Ocean. His suspicion is drawn to the rich and obnoxious Milton Krest who owns companies involved with the development of the drone submarine. Under the cover of a civil servant, 007 helps Krest hunt for the fish dubbed the Hildebrand Rarity on his luxury cruise liner, but can he uncover the Sea Slave conspiracy?

Above: The opening panel of "The Hildebrand Rarity"

Above: Bond is torn between Nyla and Liz when trying to decide who killed Krest.

Source To Strip
As with the preceding "Octopussy" adaptation, Jim Lawrence makes his own additions to Fleming's character driven short story to add weight and action to the plot.

Lawrence adds a "McGuffin" device in the form of Sea Slave, a high-tech drone submarine created by a joint UK & US venture. Krest has knowledge of the project through his companies which developed the craft, and steals it during a test run with the assistance of a German crew.

Fleming's male Bond-ally character Fidele Barbey has been exchanged by Lawrence for the more shapely and sultry Nyla Larsen, leaving Bond uncertain as to which of the two women killed Krest in the story's conclusion.

Best Line
Nyla: "You must be mad, James - passing up an offer like that!"
Bond: "Maybe - but every time I think of Milt Krest, I sort of choke up!"

The Sea Slave "McGuffin" device from "The Hildebrand Rarity" comic strip version is very similar to the ATAC which featured in the 1981 movie version of "For Your Eyes Only", and Milton Krest from Fleming's short story appeared in the 1989 film "Licence To Kill".

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