Colonel Sun

Publisher: Titan Books
Released: 23rd December 2005 (UK)
Pages: 112
Dimensions: TBC
Artist: Yaroslav Horak
Writers: Kingsley Amis (writing as Robert Markham)
Jim Lawrence

Included Stories
Colonel Sun
River of Death

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The legend continues! Stand by for more adventures with the world’s greatest secret agent, as some of his most thrilling missions are collected for the first time ever!

When James Bond’s boss, the enigmatic M, is kidnapped in Greece, Bond must race to his rescue — with only some local fishermen to help! But 007 uncovers a plan to sabotage a USSR summit... and the evil Colonel Sun is planning to frame the British Secret Service for the crime!

This new, never-before-collected edition, features Kingsley Amis’s only James Bond story, and also collects River of Death. Plus a new introduction by Bond girl Britt Ekland, and exclusive features examining both the post-Fleming comics and Amis’s Bond!

Special Features

  • Introduction by Britt Ekland (Mary Goodnight in "The Man With The Golden Gun")
  • "Bonding With Kinglsey Amis" special feature
  • "The Genesis of Colonel Sun" special feature
  • Syndicated newspaper comic strip checklist
  • Jim Lawrence interview - Dan Hagan
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