The Man With The Golden Gun

Publisher: Daily Express
Released: 10th January 1966 to
10th September 1966
Serial: #1 to #209 (Series Three)
Artist: Yaroslav Horak
Writers: Ian Fleming, Jim Lawrence

Data Stream
Villains: Francisco Scaramanga, Sam Binion, Leroy Gengerella, Ruby Rotkopf, Hal Garfinkel, Louie Paradise, Mr Hendriks, Colonel Boris
Bond Girls: Mary Goodnight, Chitra 'Taj' Mahal
Allies: Felix Leiter, Philip Margesson, M, Tanner, Miss Moneypenny, May, Major Townsend, Commander Ross
Locations: Vladivostok, Russia; London, UK; Kingston, Jamaica.

Above: After his failed assassination attempt on M, Bond is sent to The Park to recuperate from his Russian brainwashing.

Capsule Synopsis
Brainwashed, Bond becomes a lethal weapon aimed at his boss, M, who has problems of his own: a killer whose artistry is matched only by his sadism, using pistols of gold to assassinate British agents. When Bond's mission to kill M fails, he has only one shot at redemption, a suicide mission against the deadliest assassin of them all: Francisco Scaramanga - The Man With The Golden Gun.

Above: The opening panel of "The Man With The Golden Gun"

Above: Mary Goodnight proves a useful ally as well as eye candy.

Source To Strip
When Ian Fleming died in 1964, he left behind an unfinished novel, "The Man With The Golden Gun". Considerably weaker than his previous stories, writer Jim Lawrence worked on the plot to create a tighter storyline for the comic strip. Dialogue from Fleming's novel is faithfully reused in the strip, and Horak's sweeping panels keep the story moving without stalling for detailed prose.

Philip Margesson is added to the plot, previously an SIS agent and friend of Bond's, who has been crippled by Jamaican sharpshooter Scaramanga. M deliberately sends Bond to "The Park" to recuperate following his brainwashing and failed assassination attempt, in the knowledge that 007 will learn of Margesson's ordeal and want revenge.

The specter of the old Communist enemy is also added by Lawrence with the inclusion of 'Taj' Mahal, a Soviet agent working undercover at the nursing home. Mary Goodnight provides the "damsel in distress" moment for the finale, where Bond and Leiter shoot it out with Scaramanga and his goons on his miniature railway. Tying Goodnight to the railroad may be a tad cliché, but it helps keep the tension building right up until the final shot.

Best Line
James Bond: "You made me jump"
Francisco Scaramanga: "Sometimes I make 'em dance - and then shoot their feet off!"

"The Man With The Golden Gun" was the last Ian Fleming novel to be used, and the newspaper serialization became the second longest in 007 strip history - running for nine months.

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