James Bond (Roger Moore) may have met his match in Octopussy (Maud Adams), an entrancing beauty involved in a devastating military plot to destroy détente. From the palaces of India to a speeding circus train in Germany and a mid-air battle on the wing of a high-flying jet, only Agent 007 can stop the nightmarish scheme!

Release Data
Releases: 3 (2000 SE, 2002 SE, 2003 SE)
Catalogue Number: 16205DVD (R2)
Disc Format: D1 - double layer, single-sided

English Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: English, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Greek, Hungarian
Hard of Hearing: English

2.45:1 / Widescreen Version 16:9
Certificate: PG
Duration : 125 minutes

1. Opening Sequence
2. Adios Amigos
3. Main Titles
4. No Clowning
5. Eggs Posed
6. Armament Argument
7. Fakes and Fanatics
8. A Deal in Delhi
9. High Roller
10. Chutney Chase
11. Gadgets Galore
12. Dinner with Dame
13. Who's the Boss?
14. Palatial Prison
15. Checking Out
16. Soviet Psycho
17. Hunting Brits
18. The Octopalace
19. The Power of Money
20. 8-Legged Lovin'
21. M's Warning
22. Circus of Deceit
23. Russian Rubies
24. This Show's A Bomb
25. Orlov Sounds Off
26. High-Speed Hero
27. Date With Destiny
28. Defusing the Bomb
29. Girl Revenge
30. Hot-Air Help
31. Airborne Agent
32. Job Well Done/End Credits


Special Features

Audio Commentary Featuring John Glen

"Inside Octopussy" An Original Documentary

"Designing Bond - Peter Lamont" Documentary

Animated Storyboard Sequences

Collectable "Making of" Booklet

Original Theatrical Trailers

"All Time High" Music Video

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