The thrills never top as Agent 007 (Sean Connery) goes above the call of duty - and to the bottom of the ocean - to track down a villainous criminal who's holding millions hostage and threatening to plunge the world into a nuclear holocaust!

Release Data
Releases: 3 (2000 SE, 2002 SE, 2003 SE)
Catalogue Number: 16178DVD (R2)
Disc Format: D1 - double layer, single-sided

English Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: English
Hard of Hearing: English

2.35:1 / Widescreen Version
Certificate: PG
Duration : 125 minutes

1. Logos
2. Main Titles
3. Reporting To #1
4. Rack And Sweat
5. Duty Calls A Twin
6. Uncovering A Clue
7. Lack Of Oxygen
8. Underwater Operation
9. Car Trouble
10. Code: "Thunderball"
11. Poolside Chat
12. Taking A Gamble
13. Shark Bait
14. Special Spy Gear
15. Taped Blackmail
16. Water Fights
17. Showing Off
18. Deathtrap
19. Battle Of The Egos
20. Colourful Escape
21. Kiss Kiss Club
22. Sunken Plane
23. Domino Affection
24. Bombs And Flares
25. Caught With Spy Toys
26. Helicopter Recovery
27. Air-To-Sea Assault
28. Underwater Warfare
29. Separate Ship
30. Rocking The Boat
31. Soaring Survival
32. End Credits


Special Features

Audio Commentary Featuring Director Terence Young

Second Audio Commentary By The Cast & Crew

The Making Of Thunderball Documentary

The Thunderball Phenomenon Documentary

Behind-The-Scenes Still Gallery Featuring Over 150 Images

Inside Thunderball Featurette

Original Theatrical Trailers

Television And Radio Spots

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