Actress: Natasha Bedingfield
Character: Miss Elizabeth Stark
Game: From Russia With Love
Status: Bond Girl
DOB: 26th November 1981
Born: London, UK
Vital Statistics: CLASSIFIED
Memorable Performance: Her debut album “Unwritten” topped Britain’s pop charts in 2004

Natasha Bedingfield lends her voice and likeness to Miss Elizabeth Stark the daughter of England's Prime Minister.

Miss Stark is attending a party on the bank of the River Thames at the Houses of Parliament when commandos attack!

James Bond 007 is at hand to repel the infraction but Miss Stark, the Prime Minister's daughter, is taken hostage in a helicopter.

007 dons his jetpack and goes to her aide in his trusty jetpack, rescuing her just as the kidnapper's helicopter explodes.


"I am thrilled to be featured alongside Sean Connery in the game version of one of my favorite Bond films. It's not every day you get to become a Bond Girl so this is a great honour."


Bedingfield grew up in London with her New Zealand born parents always encouraging her creative side.

In her teen years Natasha worked hard at becoming a skilled guitarist and pianist and formed a group with her younger sister, playing R&B style music.

After school Bedingfield went on to study psychology but her musical intuitions soon took over. She then focused on her musical talent and writing her own material.

Soon Natasha had the opportunity to present her work to Phonogenic and from there her career bloomed. She was given the chance to record in LA and produced her debut album “Unwritten”.