Actress: Daniela Bianchi
Character: Tatiana Romanova
Game: From Russia With Love
Status: Bond Girl
DOB: 31st June 1942
Born: Rome, Italy
Vital Statistics: CLASSIFIED
Memorable Performance: Playing Tatiana Romanova in 1963’s From Russia With Love

Tatiana Romanova is an office clerk, working in the Russian cypher department. Her mission was to simply do anything Bond asks… Once the plan is revealed, James Bond endeavours to return her safely to London.

Romanova is unwillingly and unknowingly recruited to the ranks of SPECTRE by an ex-Russian Army officer, Rosa Klebb. She is told she is going on a dangerous and top-secret mission for the Mother Country.

However, she is just a pawn in SPECTRE’s plan. She is used to lure 007 to steel a Russian decoding device for SPECTRE to “intercept” and assist in their humiliation and assassination of 007.


"You look surprised. I thought you expected me"


Daniela Bianchi is the only child of an Italian Army Colonel. She studied ballet before becoming Miss Rome in 1960. Bianchi came second in the Miss Universe competition that year, winning the title "Miss Photogenic". She made the move into modelling with an assignment in Moscow and subsequently acting. She appeared in three Italian films before getting her big break, which came when she won the role of Tatiana Romanova in From Russia with Love. Soon modeling and acting offers came flooding her way. Director Terence Young and Producer "Cubby" Broccoli traveled to Rome to audition actresses for the role of Tatiana Romanova, but Bianchi could not attend, as she was sick with the flu. Young saw a photo of Bianchi and visited her at her home. In a twist on the old cliché, Bianchi literally first auditioned from her bed.

After the success of From Russia with Love, Bianchi didn't capitalise on her new found fame, with several forgettable films following. In 1967, she cashed in on the Bond connection, starring in the low-budget Italian spy spoof Operation Kid Brother, which marked the screen debut (and farewell) of Connery's brother Neil. Bianchi gave up acting in 1970 when she married a Genoan shipping magnate. They have one son.