Actress: Bernard Lee
Character: M
Game: From Russia With Love
Status: Ally
DOB: 10th January 1908 (Died: 16th January 1981)
Born: London, UK
Memorable Performance: Played M in 11 James Bond films

M could be considered a man of great power as the Head of MI6, as he is the only man who can put fear into the eyes of James Bond. A former Admiral in the British Navy - where he received his characteristics of a pipe smoker - he has little interest in anything else but ships, military and his job, although on one occasion we see M maintaining his butterfly collection.

The likeness of Bernard Lee, the original M, will be used in the “From Russia With Love” video game.

Sir Miles Messervy (M) has been the dedicated head of MI6 from the Dr No mission, through to the Moonraker mission. Most of the time M is based at his office in London, but a few times it was necessary to set up headquarters in the field.



Born in London, Lee attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. His career began on stage but after the Second World War, Lee developed a successful film career.

“The Third Man”, “Beat the Devil”, “The Battle of the River Plate”, “Whistle Down the Wind” and of course the James Bond film series are some of the highlights of his career.

Bernard Lee passed away in 1981. “Moonraker” was his last 007 production.