Actress: Maria Menounos
Character: Eva
Game: From Russia With Love
Status: Femme Fatale
DOB: 8th June 1978
Born: Medford, Massachusetts, USA
Vital Statistics: CLASSIFIED
Memorable Performance: Jules in the TV series "One Tree Hill"

In "From Russia With Love", Maria Menounos plays Eva, an original Henchwoman character created for exclusively for the game.

Eva is villain Red Grant's driver and henchwoman, and out to stop Bond at any cost.

She is a member of Octopus and assists Red Grant in his mission to assassinate and humiliate James Bond 007.

With a penchant for tight black cat suits, Eva as deadly to look at as she is to know!


"I am honored to be a Bond girl and be a part of the Bond legacy. To star in a video game with Connery, the original Bond, is incredible."


Born on 8th June 1978, Maria Menounos hails from Greek descent and speaks the language fluently.

In 1995 her friends and family, Menounos began to enroll in beauty pageants. In 1996 Maria won the title of Miss Massachusetts Teen USA. She enrolled at Boston's Emerson College and her sights were set on journalism from day one. Some days, she would even arrive late after watching the morning news on CNN for too long. From there was recruited by Channel One News to become a reporter, which broadcasts to schools across America.

In 2002, Menounos went on to work for Entertainment Tonight reporting on movies, music and fashion. She has since turned to acting and had a role in this year’s “Fantastic Four” as well as being a regular guest, Jules, on the TV series "One Tree Hill".