From Russia With Love (2005) - Players Guide

Mission 1: London

James Bond must rescue the Prime Minister's daughter who has been kidnapped by Octopus at the Houses of Parliament.

Target Time: 7:00
Target Dispatches: 25
Bond Moment: Defeat the final helicopter quickly.

Ignore the helicopter and head straight. At the end (after you vault yourself over the fiery mess), there should be a niche to the left. Go to the left and open the door. Go through the second door on the left. Head through the office structure and through the door at the end. Take cover behind one of the pillars and help the guards shoot the enemies. Head along the red carpet and you should come to a corridor that goes to the left. Go in and up the stairs. Head along the red carpet until you see another corridor. Go through this corridor and up the stairs. Currently, there is a rather large hole in the floor. To your left, you'll see a broken piece of railing with a chandelier hanging beside it. Jump onto the chandelier and make your way to the third one. On your left, you'll see another piece of broken railing. Jump onto the floor from the chandelier. Move to the right and you will see a door. Go through it. Go through the door the enemy is near and shoot the red keypad next to the door that looks like a small garage. The door will open. Go through. Go talk to the woman and she will give you a pass key to get to the roof. Go back to the red carpet and head left. To the left you will see a door with a red light above it. Go through it, head up the stairs, and through the door. After the cut scene, grab the jet pack and start ascending. On your way up, shoot the guards hanging from the clock tower. There are four sides, with guards on three of them. Now, you should see a few guards on jet packs. Shoot them down. Now, switch to your missiles and shoot the helicopter down with them. Get ready to do some evasive manoeuvres as it will try to ram you. Once you have destroyed it, you have completed the mission.

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