From Russia With Love (2005) - Players Guide

Mission 11: Train

Red Grant shows his true colours on the Orient Express, when Bond must protect Tatiana and recover the Lektor.

Target Time: 12:00
Target Dispatches: 50
Bond Moment: Rappel from the second floor of the train terminal onto the roof of the gift shop.

Take cover behind the structure to the right (or behind the table) and unload everything you've got into the minigun guard. Make your way back to the two tables at the end of the car and turn around. Using the tables as cover, you need to kill quite a few normal soldiers. When you've killed enough, you will have completed an objective. When a few guards emerge from behind you, it's almost over. After the cut-scene, grab the rounds and the body armor near the box. Now, take cover and kill all the guards in the vicinity. When you're finished, grab the equipment that is nearby and enter the building. Kill all the guards in the vicinity. Head upstairs. Kill the guards here. Whilst you are upstairs, guards will be shooting at Tania so quickly make your way to the balcony to shoot them. One will be on the left and another will be on the right. Go back to the office. Now, there are four windows in the office. To the right of the 2nd window and to the left of the 3rd window is a switch. Pull it. More guards will storm the ground floor. Head downstairs and kill the guards. Head up the newly opened stairwell. On the bookcase, there is a key. Grab it. You may want to grab the other equipment in this room as well. Head back into the room where the switch is. Open the door in this room with the key you found. Head downstairs. In the middle of the two doors, there is a lever. Flip it. Open the door to the right. Take cover behind the plant bed and shoot the enemies from there. On the train, there are three turrets. Only one will shoot at you at a time. Once you have dispatched all the enemies, take out your guns and start firing at the turret that is firing at you. Save the bazooka for last. Each time you destroy a turret, a new swarm of enemies will emerge. Once you have destroyed all three turrets, you can go inside the train. Head to the end of the train, get the supplies, and then get out of the train. Go through the chain-link fence and a cutscene will play. Now, you must kill Red Grant. Fire everything you've got at him. When you defeat him, the level will end.

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