From Russia With Love (2005) - Players Guide

Mission 12: Factory

Hot on the trail of the Lektor, Bond follows Eva to a factory and smelting plant. Octopus are planning for world domination and 007 must destroy the facility.

Target Time: 17:00
Target Dispatches: 45
Bond Moment: Use the fuel barrels to destroy the outdoor guard tower.

Shoot the soldiers here and fly to the end of the room. Fly through the broken glass and go to the left. Fly through this room blowing up all kinds of trouble. Land in the blue circle to the left. There are two blue circles you can land in, but if you land in the right one all you do is get to try to open a locked door and discover that it's well...locked. Anyway, land in the blue circle and shoot your way through the corridor until you get to the control room. On your right, there will be a lever and you'll have a view of a surge of electricity. Pull the lever to slow it down. Go back to your jetpack and fly through the corridor. Land in the blue circle and run to the left (if you're facing the wall) or to the right (if your back is facing the wall). You should see a red glow. Go up there and place a bomb. If you look back on your path to the jetpack, there is a corridor to the left. Go to this corridor and open the door. Grab the assault rifle ammunition to your left, turn back to your right, and head forward. Go along this path. Soon, you'll come to an enemy complex. Kill a few guards before you proceed with the next step. Turn to the left and climb the boxes to get over the fence. Whilst climbing up, you should also be introduced to your new friend when it comes to guards with shiels. The armor-piercing rifle. This also works effectively against minigun soldiers as well. Make your way through the base killing the enemies. Once everyone is dead, go to the army truck with a crane on it. Go to the console which is on the driver's side of the truck. Use the console to swing the barrel all the way to the left to create a makeshift stairwell to the balcony. Climb up your new invention. Go through the door on the left and keep going until you're in a warehouse-like structure. Kill all the guards in here and make your way to the back. Behind the buulletproof glass, you'll see a fuel barrel. Using your Laser Watch, blow up the fuel barrel to destroy the bulletproof glass. On the desk, get the Factory key. Get out of the office and kill the guards that have arrived. Now, there are three shelves of stuff in this warehouse. On the second shelve, you can plant a bomb. Make your way back outside. Climb down your ingenius invention. Make your way to the left and you will see a building. You have the key, so open the door. Kill the two guards inside and use the elevator to the right. When you emerge out from the elevator, there should be a brown structure in front of you. Pull the lever on it and you will discover a secret entrance. There will be a few guards in here, along with one minigun guard. But you have a little something called the armor-piercing rifle to take care of that. Make your way to the right side of the room and just before the elevator, you should discover a small armory. Go inside and simply shoot out the glass to get the equipment. After you've gotten the equipment, you may be shot out by a few guards when you emerge from the armory. Anyway, make your way to the right and use the strange-looking elevator. Make your way across the walkway and eventually you should emerge in a control room. In the other room of the control room, there should be a lever on top of a table. Pull the lever. As you make your way back to the elevator, you should shoot the guards on the lower floor as you go. When you get down to the lower floor, a tank will appear. Quickly go back up to the upper floor and blow it up with your Bazooka. Go back down to the lower floor. There should be a newly opened door that leads to a computer room. It should also be marked on your minimap. You need to plant the last bomb here. As usual, it will glow in red. Now you just need to escape. Remember the bulletproof glass? If you looked to the left or to the right of it (depending on where you were standing) you would have seen a garage door with a lever. We need to make our way back there. So, go back into the room you originally came from and use the elevator. Get out of the small office to go outside. Shoot up a few guards and make your way back to your grand invention. Shoot the guard up here if you haven't shot him already and go through the door. Go through the doors until you get to the warehouse. When you get there, run down the stairs, shoot the guards, and pull the lever. Now, after a cut-scene, you're in an armored truck. Go full-speed, paying attention to your minimap to take the right turns. You should make it out alive fairly easily. Even if you accidently crash into a few objects, you can still make it out fairly easily.

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