From Russia With Love (2005) - Players Guide

Mission 13: Border

Bond must take to the waves to escape Octopus and escort Tatiana and the Lektor to safer waters.

Target Time: 18:00
Target Dispatches: 80
Bond Moment: Use the Q-Copter to unlock access to the pillbox.

Drive left. Just drive left. If you see an obstruction, drive around it. Eventually, you should come to a dead-end with a blue circle. Get out of your car and take the path that goes to the docks. First, take out your sniper rifle and snipe the soldier in the tower who will fire rockets at you. It'll make this section of the level so much easier. Anyway, make your way across the dock and stop when you get to the shack place, where the soldier was that you sniped earlier in the level. If you make your way into the garage-like structure next to the shack, you will find the Dock Key next to a Life Preserver. Make your way back to the DB5. You will have to fight a lot of enemies to make your way back. Once in your car, make your way back to where you started the level. If you stop at the end of the beginning of the level, you will notice that there is a path that veers to the left. Go along this path in your car. Stop in the blue circle and go through the door. Make your way down to the shack where a boat is waiting. Remember what you had to do in Istanbul (Part 2)? Here, you have to do precisely the same thing. Make your way to the end of the path in the shack, and you will discover the lever. Same thing here. It shouldn't be too difficult as you have weapons such as the Armor-Piercing Rifle and the Bazooka to dispatch the enemies. A cut-scene will play.

Remember the first part of Underground? This is pretty much the same thing, except you're in a different environment. When you get to the gigantic patrol boat, simply unload your minigun into it. It can take a lot of punishment, so be patient. When you destroy the boat, the mission will end.

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