From Russia With Love (2005) - Players Guide

Mission 14: Octopus Base

Octopus have a nuclear missile aimed at London, and only James Bond can stop their plan by infiltrating their secret base and destroying their organisation.

Target Time: 18:00
Target Dispatches: 70
Bond Moment: Shoot out a window so the Q-Copter can fly in and destroy the door lock to a secret room in the silo.

The final showdown. Grab all the equipment that is lying around. Walk down the corridor and you should come to a very large room. If you want, you can plant your Briefcase Gun somewhere to take care of the enemies, but I would suggest using it later. On the right, you should see a room with bulletproof glass. Using your laser watch, destroy the keypad to open the door. In this room, flip the lever to get a car moving which will take you to the actual entrance of the base. Eventually, the car should arrive. Go in and hit the button to start moving. The car will pass by a few enemies that can inflict some damage, so make sure you have a weapon ready. Eventually, the car should stop. Step out and go through the corridor. Go through the door and you will have infiltrated the base. Get the body armor behind the desk if you need it. Kill a few enemies, and rappel down to the ground floor. Head to the end of the room and go through the garage-like door. Walk across the plank and flip the lever. Now walk across the plank to the other room. Look to the left and rappel up the wall. Walk up to the warhead and disarm it. Make your way back to the main control room. Walk up the stairs to the left and when you get to the top, go to the right and through the door. Walk along the corridor and then down the stairs. Soon, a minigun guard should pop out. Kill him, or if you want, place your Briefcase Gun down to easily get rid of him. Make your way down the stairs and (if you need some equipment) go through the door on the left. To continue the mission, go through the door on the right. When you go through the door on the right, you'll come to a jetpack. You're going to use this jetpack to gun down a heck of a lot of guards and also get rid of Eva. Get on the jetpack and make your way to the end of the room, shooting guards as you go. Once you get to Eva, simply unload your machine gun into her whilst dodging her missiles, which is quite easy. Once you have defeated her, land in the blue circle at the end of the room. Go through the door and kill all the guards in the room. Go through the door at the end of the room and go along the corridor. Open the door at the end of the corridor. You should emerge at the warhead again. Shoot out the glass and rappel down to the warhead. Grab the body armor near the warhead if you need it. Now, plant the bomb on the missile, and go through the door behind you. Make your way along the corridor and you should come to one of your rappel points you used to rappel down to the missile. Rappel back up. Go through the many corridors you have to go through to get back to the jetpack. Ride the jetpack back to the other side of the room. Go through the door. There will be a minigun guard on your way up. If you still have it, you can use your armor-piercing rifle to get rid of him. Otherwise, just switch your weapons to the Special Ammunition and use your most powerful weapons to defeat him. Continue to take the straight-forward corridors back to the Main Control Room. Go right and then down the stairs. Now, rappel back up. Now, you have to fight Red Grant for the second and final time. There is a small armoury to the right of the monitor, so go in there. However, before you start collecting things here, you should unload everything you have into Red Grant. But where precisely, does one shoot Red Grant in his behemoth machine? Well, you see that red core at the bottom? That's where you need to shoot. Whenever Grant says "I have so many ways to kill you. Let me show you my favourite!" quickly get under cover as he will fire at you with a laser that can decrease you health very rapidly. Whenever you hear a PPSHT PPSHT PPHST, quickly duck into the room, into the corner that is nearest the wall. He is throwing small bombs that inflict quite a lot of damage. His last weapon, is a mini-gun which is self-explanatory. Once you defeat Red Grant, you will have completed the mission and the game.

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