From Russia With Love (2005) - Players Guide

Mission 3: Istanbul (Part 1)

Bond and Kerim Bey must fight off Russian agents on the streets of Istanbul and reach Station T in one piece.

Target Time: 10:00
Target Dispatches: 35
Bond Moment: Rappel through a plate glass window to take down a goon.

Using your mini map, drive to the blue point. The controls are a bit different from the previous James Bond games and the car is a bit difficult to control at first, but you'll get the hang of it. Soon you will get a cut scene with Red Grant blowing up the car. Now it's time for some DB5 action. Go full speed and get your machine guns ready. Start blowing up the cars. You can use your tire poppers to delay them or sometimes kill them. Eventually, you should get the Russian garage. Fire a bunch of missiles at it to destroy it. But don't forget to take care of the guards with Bazookas. There is one on top of the garage, and one in the building to the right of the garage. Now, head to the repair shop. The garage door will not close unless you are right against the wall of the garage wall. Eventually, you should come to a tank blocking your way. You need to man a machine gun to destroy it. Head to the right and rappel up the wall. Walk along the balcony and rappel down the wall. This location is to the left of the second door you see. Head forward a bit and then to the right. Rappel up the wall. Go along the balcony and you should see a section without railing and a building ahead of you. Rappel to it. Follow the balcony, rappel down when you see no railing, then rappel up to the point in front of you. Go to the left and rappel to the other building. Tip over the table, get the guards' attention and start shooting them. Go into the room the guards were in and man the machine gun. Shoot the tank. You may also want to shoot the guards who will fire at you with sub-machine guns and bazookas. When you destroy the tank, you will have completed the mission.

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