From Russia With Love (2005) - Players Guide

Mission 5: Istanbul (Part 2)

Darkness falls on Istanbul as Bond and Kerim sneak in to the Russian Consulate whilst dodging Russian soldiers one the streets.

Target Time: 9:00
Target Dispatches: 25
Bond Moment: Access the secret armoury in the Russian check point.

Using your mini map, get to the safe house. As usual, you will be attacked by enemy cars. When you get to the safe house, go inside, and open the wooden container to the left. Go back outside, and you will be ambushed by three guards. Kill them both and then you will need to destroy the getaway car. Get in your DB5 and go chasing after it. For the first time, this part is rather difficult due to enemy cars ramming you and the speed of the enemy vehicle. With luck it will get jammed with a civilian car, you can catch up to it, and unload a heck of a lot of missiles into it. If you get red cross hairs whilst getting a lock-on on it, it means it's almost gone. If it's yellow, it means it's halfway there. If it's green, it means you didn't do anything yet. If it's red, you can simply switch to your machine guns and fire at it when you catch up to it. Eventually, you should be able to destroy it.

Now, drive to the Russian checkpoint. With your Russian uniform equipped, ring the doorbell on the left on the building and you should be allowed in. Head to the right and go through the door. Grab the assault rifle while you're at it. It should be lying against the door you just went through. Enter the door at the end of the corridor. A cut-scene will play and your cover will be blown. When you have control over Bond again, kill the two guards. Turn around, go to the end of the dock, and turn right. Go up the stairs. Rappel down to the other building and you will crash through the windows. Kill the two guards in this room and grab the body armor. Turn around and go through the door. To your right, you should see a lever. Use it. This will start lowering the boat into the canal. However, a flurry of guards should come on. One will be wielding a mini-gun. Kill the normal guards with whatever weapon you prefer and empty everything you have into the mini gun guard. A shotgun will do the most damage at close range. When you take care of the mini gun guards, an infinite number of guards will emerge from the doorway when you are releasing the boat into the water. Once you release the boat into the water and walk up to it, you should complete the mission.

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