From Russia With Love (2005) - Players Guide

Mission 7: Gypsy Camp

The gypsy camp is overrun by armed henchman and Bond must rescue the hostages and neutralise the threats facing Bey's people.

Target Time: 9:00
Target Dispatches: 30
Bond Moment: Use the Q-Copter to access the kitchen

As Connery said, first unload everything you have into the turret. Turn to the left and go to the old looking wagon. Grab a gas mask. Then, go to the very far right - past the building that Kerim Bey told you about. You should see a door. Go through it. Equip your gas mask. Walk through the corridor and kill the two guards. You will now have freed one of the hostages. Exit the corridor. Go to the house that Kerim Bey told you about. Open the double doors. If you ever need another gas mask, simply return to the supply wagon and get one. In the building, go upstairs, and go through the only door that is on the second floor. Kill the two guards to free the second hostage. Go back outside. In the middle of the map, you should see a barn with a rappel point. This barn is close to Kerim Bey. Rappel up. There is no gas in here. Go downstairs and shoot the two guards to free a third hostage. Go back outside via the same method you used to get in. Go to the supply wagon. There should be a stone doorway nearby - perhaps next to a fuel barrel. Go inside and shoot the guard(s) to free the last hostage. Return to the supply wagon and a cutscene should play. Northwest from the table, you should see a structure. Go to this structure and go inside via the door. Rappel up the wall. Get the sniper rounds in the green box and go to the left (and jump over the gap) to get the sniper rifle. Equip the sniper rifle and jump over the gap. Now, using the sniper rifle's zoom capabilites, you must protect Kerim Bey. If you run out of bullets, simply to go the green supply crate. Once you protect Kerim Bey from enough people, the mission will end.

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