From Russia With Love (2005) - Players Guide

Mission 8: Sniper Alley

It's time for revenge as Bond goes on an assassination mission - and the target is Krilencu.

Target Time: 9:00
Target Dispatches: 25
Bond Moment: Dispatch the radio goon before he calls for re-inforcements

It's the second (and last) "Protect Kerim Bey!" mission. Here, you must protect Kerim Bey from many soldiers as he tries to kill the traitor. Look to the left of your DB5 and you will see a small stone wall. Climb over it. Walk to the end of this street and you will see a fence to your right. Shoot the lock off. To your right you'll see a blue dot - another rappelling point. Rappel up. You will discover that the door to your right is locked. Go downstairs. On the desk, along with shotgun shells, will be the key to that door. Go back upstairs and go through the door. Kill the guard here and go outside. Jump across the building. Go through the door. Be careful, there will be a minigun soldier in here. You may have some shotgun shells to use against him. Go upstairs and you will be in your sniper spot. Go to the corner to get some sniper rifle rounds. Here, you will have to protect Kerim Bey as he makes his way from the street to the top of the "Call Me Bwana" banner. When you are protecting Kerim Bey, a helicopter will appear. It's rather difficult to destroy - you only need to shoot it with your sniper rifle a few times depending on the difficulty setting you're playing on. When Kerim Bey reaches the third floor, there will be some guards shooting at him from the left side of the balcony. Kerim Bey will be in the middle of the balcony on the third floor. These guards are rather difficult to shoot with your sniper rifle, so simply use your Bazooka instead. Eventually, Kerim Bey should make it to the top. The trap door in the "Call Me Bwana" banner will appear and Kerim Bey's enemy is strangling him. Shoot Kerim Bey's enemy in the head to complete the mission.

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