From Russia With Love (2005) - Players Guide

Mission 9: Consulate

Bond must infiltrate the Russian Consulate and rendezvous with Tatiana Romanova, survive the firefight and escape with the girl and the Lektor.

Target Time: 17:00
Target Dispatches: 50
Bond Moment: Break a door open with the laser watch to access a secret are.

Follow the red carpet and talk to the man on the right who is sitting at his desk. Go into the hole that Kerim Bey made and shoot the two guards in the corridor. Go into the second room on the right and go to the back of the room. You should see a ventilation shaft nearby. It's Q-Copter time. Send the helicopter through the one-path vent and when you emerge into the room, quickly move to the other side of the room and blow up the keypad. You must do this quickly as the guards will notice it and attempt to stop it. Go out of the room, turn left, and go through the first (and only) door you see. Shoot the two guards here. Right before the red filing cabinets, there is a lever to the left. Pull it to stop the gas. Ignore the ventilation shaft at the end of the room. Get out of the room and head right. At the end of the corridor, there is a door with a green light above it. Open this door and you will find Tania. Go back inside the room Tania was it and get the Magnum rounds. Head forward to the elevator and two guards should emerge. Kill them and enter the elevator. Hit the button. Tania will come in. The elevator will be stopped. Get out and kill the guards that will emerge from the door. There is a gasmask to the right of the door. Get it and equip it. Go through the door. Go down the stairs and head to the left. Kill the guards. On the back of the first pillar there should be a switch. Use it to stop the gas. After the gas clears, there should be a cutscene. Send your Q-Copter through the ventilation system. There should be a fairly straightforward path - which will stop after you pass the slow moving fan. Manuver carefully past the fan, go forward, and head left. There will be a heck of a lot of steam pipes. Be very careful! Once you manuver past that set, look to the right and you will see another ventilation shaft. Send it through that. Look at the pretty orange colors. That's very dangerous. Once you emerge from the fiery depths of hell, descend down into the room and look for a shaft above the one you emerged from. Manuver past the spinning fans and go into yet another ventilation shaft. Finally, you will emerge in the override room. To your left is the override console. The override console is the one with a small red sign over it. You need to destroy the small white part. You know what to do. When you destroy the override, guards will emerge from the elevator you emerged from. Go back to the elevator and kill them. Go into the elevator and use the button. When the elevator doors open, go to the consoles at the end of the corridor and unlock the door with the help of Tania. Shoot the three guards inside. Grab the various equipment in the room (Gasmask, Ammunition, etc.) and head through the door. Equip your gas mask. Head straight and then to the left. Kill the two guards in here and flip the lever on the left wall to get rid of the gas in this room. Go get another gas mask. Go back inside, but this time head to the right. Enter the small office and flip the lever to the right. Go out of the door and look to your left. There should be another lever. Flip that. Go inside the jail cells and get the equipment. Go to the main corridor. Use the computer console to open another door. Take cover behind something and kill the three guards. Use the computer console to open yet another door. Be careful in the next room as there are guards who will try to kill Tania and there is also a minigun guard. Go inside and do your best to take care of the guards. Before you go downstairs, make your all your weapons are switched to special bullets to take care of the many guards that will be downstairs. Once you've taken care of all of them, head to the vault at the end of the room. Tania says they've changed the way they open the door. Well, it's quite simple to open it now. Using your guns or your laser watch, lock onto the ends of the metal bars and fire at them to destroy them and open the vault. Inside, you will find the Lektor. Now all you need to do is escape. On your way out of the vault, shoot the four guards in the room and head upstairs. There is a minigun soldier up there. Make your way back to the elevator, hit the button inside, and you will complete the mission.

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