From Russia With Love (2005) - Players Guide

Secret Mission: Tunnels

Upgrade your body armor to it's maximum. This will make the level a lot easier. Start off by killing the guard in front of you and passing the train car on the right. Turn around and look on the back of the train car. Disarm the bomb. Proceed forward and shoot the wooden gate in front of you to destroy it. Shortly after you pass, you should see another bomb on your left nearby some body armor. Disarm it and proceed forward. On the way, keep your eye out for one wooden box on the right and three wooden boxes on the left. Behind the three wooden boxes is the third bomb. Soon, you should come to two tunnels. One leads straight and the other heads to the right with a steep ascent. Go through the tunnel on the right. There will be an minigun soldier here. Proceed to the end of the tunnel. At the end, you will see another bomb on your left. There is also a machine gun nearby. Using the machine gun, mow down the guards. Once that is done, head back down and go through the other tunnel which will be on your right if you're coming back from the tunnel you're currently in. On your way back, you'll have to defeat another minigun guard. When you enter the other tunnel, make sure you have your bazooka equipped as you'll have to face some guards with shields. Kill them and head through the tunnel. You should see a machine gun soon. Take control of the machine gun and shoot the guards on the upper level. If you're looking at the upper level with the guards, un-man the machine gun and look to the left. On a crate, you should see the final bomb. Disarm it. Mission complete.

Secret Mission: Ruins

Walk to the end of the room and hit the button on the right. Make your way to the end of the room and you should see some stairs that lead to a door with a button on the right. Hit the button. Go in and head to the right. When you get to the end of the room, there will be a door with a button. Hit the button and proceed. Shoot out the glass and vault over the wall. Head around the computers to the other side of the room. Shoot out the glass and vault over the wall. Head to the end of this room, shoot out the glass, vault over the wall. Head to the end of this final room, shoot out the glass, and vault over the wall. Hit the button and proceed through the door. Head to the right and head to the end of the room. Remember the beginning of the level? It's just basically the same. Room after room after room after room. Keep using the same paths. Eventually, you should come to a room with a lot of rappel points. From your vantage point at the top, shoot as many guards as you can. Obviously, this room involves a lot of rappelling. Once you get to the end, go through the straightforward passages. Eventually, you should come to one of those large stone rooms that you saw earlier. This one is very different in layout. There will also be a few minigun soldiers around here. Make your way to the first part of this room, and hit a switch to cross to the second part. Cross along the second part, and at the end of the room, there will be a jetpack. Use it. Ascend in the jetpack and kill a bunch of people. Look around for one of those blue rings and land in it. There will be a button on the right. Once you hit the button, you will have completed the mission.

Secret Mission: Plaza

Kill 25 enemies with your sniper rifle. You have extra ammo and body armor available. It is highly recommend to upgrade your body armor if you prefer surviving! Good luck.

Secret Mission: Airport

You are stuck in a parking lot. You must defeat 75 enemies with heavy armor and ammunition in eight minutes. Don't worry, both pieces of equipment respawn fairly quickly. Obviously, you'll want to upgrade your body armor before attempting this.

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