From Russia With Love (2005) - Multiplayer Power-Ups

Power-Ups are switched on by default in multiplayer games (you can disable them) and are scattered throughout a map. There are three types of power-up, each lasting 15 seconds:
1) Green highlighted pickups - can work for or against you.
2) Chest - contents are unknown until a player picks it up.
3) Gold Chest - contents are always positive and will contain one of the best power-ups.

Power-Up Effect
5 / 10 Credits Gives the player 5 to 10 research credits. Always found in a gold chest.
Booby Trap Explodes when touched by a player.
Credits Multiplier Double research points are awarded to the player who was holding this pick-up when the game ended. The pick-up reappears when a player is dispatched.
Equipment Stash Holding this power-up will make you keep all of your weapons and ammo when you are next dispatched.
Golden Gun Francisco Scaramanga's one hit wonder - a single bullet will dispatch an opponent. Always found in a gold chest.
Heartbreaker Reduces the affected player's credits from the previous round by half.
Invulnerable Players holding this pick-up will be immune from being dispatched, but some damage can still be done by opponents.
Jammed Opposing player's markers will be removed from the radar.
Locked In Opponents will not be able to break your aiming lock, even when rolling.
Radioactive Drains your health to almost zero, as well as any opponents nearby.
Self-Repairing Armour Automatically heals damage.
Shaky Hands Decreases player shooting accuracy.
Sharp Shooter Increases player shooting accuracy.
Stealth Makes the player's radar marker disappear from the radar.
Yard Sale All the players weapons will fall to the ground.

Image courtesy EA Games.