From Russia With Love (2005) - Multiplayer Skins

Only 9 of the total 27 multiplayer skins are available without earning skill points. Each villain can be unlocked by spending a certain amount of skill points earned in the single player campaign.

Multiplayer Skin Skill Points Description
Red Grant N/A As played by Robert Shaw
Morezny N/A As played by Walter Gotell
Kronsteen N/A As played by Vladek Sheybal
Krilencu N/A As played by Fred Haggerty
Soviet Soldier N/A Russian Army grunt
Soviet Thug N/A Russian Army hand-to-hand fighter
Octo Gunman N/A Octopus grunt
Octo Bazooka N/A Octopus bazooka soldier
Leyla Karistiran N/A Exotic mercenary
Portia Lovejoy 10,000 Mercenary from the English upper classes
Zora Casanovic 10,000 Volatile Russian enforcer
Soviet Elite 10,000 Russian Army highly trained soldier
Soviet Bazooka 10,000 Russian Army bazooka soldier
Soviet Pilot 10,000 Russian Army jetpack pilot
Soviet Abseiler 10,000 Russian Army abseiler
Soviet Radio 10,000 Russian Army comms soldier
Octo Elite 25,000 Octopus highly trained soldier
Octo Enforcer 25,000 Octopus hand-to-hand fighter
Octo Captain 25,000 Octopus strike team leader
Octo Pilot 25,000 Octopus jetpack pilot
Octo Abseiler 25,000 Octopus abseiler
Octo Riot Guard 25,000 Octopus heavily armoured soldier
Scientist 25,000 Octopus scientist
Octo Henchman 25,000 Octopus grunt
Eva Adara 40,000 As played by Maria Menounos
Goldfinger 40,000 As played by Gert Frobe
Dr. No 40,000 As played by Joseph Wiseman