"Skyfall" filming took place at the Old Royal Navy College in Greenwich, London on Friday [spoilers]...

Greenwich Filming

7th January 2012

"Skyfall" filming on Friday switched to the Old Royal Navy College in Greenwich, London where the King William Undercroft restaurant was transformed in to a fictional morgue where eight coffins were draped with Union Jack flags.

The dead are MI6 agents who suffered grisly fates during the attack on the organisation that is featured in the opening of the movie. Dame Judi Dench filmed on location as M.

Before the interior shots were captured, several black hearses were seen carrying the coffins to the location along College Way.

Given that M and Tanner have filmed around Whitehall earlier, it may be assumed that these streets in Greenwich are doubling for a government building elsewhere.

As the official 007 Twitter photo reveals (opposite), M inspecting the coffins is scene 35, which places it early in the film, before the underground office scenes and before Shanghai which follows shortly thereafter.


Javier Bardem was also seen on location in London on Friday. Daniel Craig will be rejoining the production next week after completing his European promotional tour for his new film "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo".