Corinne Clery
(Corinne Dufour)

Name: Corinne Clery
Character: Corinne Dufour
Movie: Moonraker
Date of Birth: 23/03/02
Place of Birth: Paris, France

Moonraker's Corinne Dufour is Drax's personal helicopter pilot. Dufour is seduced by 007, and helps him to unlock Drax's secrets. Drax does not appreciate her sweet nature, however, and has her mercilessly hunted down by a pair of vicious dogs.

Most memorable quote:
Bond: There, you see, you have a heart of gold.


A famous French film star (although not necessarily for the right reasons) Corinne Clery was born Corinna Piccolo in Paris in 1950. She starred in numerous films where no acting was required, her first appearance in a big screen role coming as O in the controversial Histoire d'O (The Story of O) in 1975. Numerous similar roles followed, including the TV film Natale in casa d'appuntamento (Love by Appointment) in 1976. By 1977's Bluff storia di truffe e di imbroglioni (The Con Artists), Clery had started to make it into more mainstream films, and she appeared in Covert Action in 1978, the James Bond film Moonraker in 1979 and L'Umanoide (The Humanoid, also starring Bond actors Richard Kiel and Barbara Bach) in 1979. Numerous forgettable films followed, including the likes of Odio le bionde (I Hate Blondes) in 1980, Yor, the Hunter from the Future in 1982 and Il Miele del diavolo (Dangerous Obsession) in 1986. She has most recently gone back to acting on TV, and starred in the Italian TV mini series Alex l'ariete in 1999.