Karin Dor
(Helga Brandt)

Name: Karin Dor
Character: Helga Brandt
Movie: You Only Live Twice
Date of Birth: 22/02/36
Place of Birth: Wiesbaden, Germany

A SPECTRE operative posing as Mr. Osato's secretary, Helga Brandt gets the upper hand on 007, and traps him in a falling plane. However, Bond escapes, and Brandt faces the wrath of SPECTRE for her failure.

Most memorable quote:
"Mr. Osato believes in a healthy chest."


Redheaded German leading lady Karin Dor began showing up in European films in 1955. Only a handful of Dor's straight dramatic films have been seen in America: only her more saleable westerns, sci-fi films and horror melodramas have gotten much play in U.S. theatres. Of her western appearances, the one receiving the widest exposure was her heroine stint in the two-part Winnetou (1965); her more familiar horror flicks include The Invisible Dr. Mabuse (1960) and The Face of Fu Manchu (1962). Among Karin Dor's English-language films were the James Bond opus You Only Live Twice (1967) and Hitchcock's Topaz (1969), each of which afforded the actress a spectacular death scene.

Born Kätherose Derr, Karin Dor has an impressive resume as an actress with numerous film and TV appearances, many seen only in her native Germany. She has been married once to Harald Reinl in 1954. The couple divorced in 1968 after having a son together.