Lynn-Holly Johnson
(Bibi Dahl)

Name: Lynn-Holly Johnson
Character: Bibi Dahl
Movie: For Your Eyes Only
Date of Birth: 13/12/58
Place of Birth: Glenview, Illinois, U.S.A.

The sweet and supposedly innocent Bibi is Kristatos' ice skating protoge. With her tutor, Jacoba Brink, she is training under Kristatos' sponsorship for the winter Olympics. However, she tries to seduce 007, then walks out on her guardian who has lost her trust. She finally finds another sponsor in Columbo, another Greek smuggler.

Most memorable quote:
Bond: Yes, well, you put your clothes on, and I'll buy you an ice cream.


Lynn-Holly Johnson was a professional ice skater who won 2nd place at the 1974 U.S. Figure Skating Championships in the Novice level. She caught the acting bug in 1978 with a starring role in the ice skating drama Ice Castles (for which she was nominated for Female New Star of the Year in the Golden Globes). More an ice skater than an actress, she won various roles based on her sporting abilities (including that of Bibi in 1981's For Your Eyes Only). Since then, she has appeared in numerous forgettable films, including Where the Boys Are in 1984, Alien Predator (1987) and more recently, The Criminal Mind (1996).