Tania Mallet (Tilly Masterson)

Name: Tania Mallet
Character: Tilly Masterson
Movie: Goldfinger
Date of Birth: 19/05/41
Place of Birth: Blackpool, England

Tilly Masterson is Jill's sister who takes it upon herself to seek revenge for the death of her sister. Following Goldfinger to Switzerland, she attempts to assassinate the nefarious villain with a single rifle shot. However, her accuracy, and her car, let her down when she 'runs into' Bond in his Aston Martin DB5.

Most memorable quote:
Bond: Why were you shooting at me?
Tilly: I wasn't. I was shooting at Goldfinger.
Bond: Then you're an awful shot.


Born of a millionaire father and a Russian mother, Tania Mallet received her schooling in both France and England. She joined the Lucy Clayton school of modelling in London and soon became one of Britain's most famous models, her photograph appearing in Vogue and Harpers on several occasions.

Tania Mallet's acting career was as glorious as it was short-lived. If an actress could choose only one film to star in, she could do a lot worse than Mallet, whose fame as a model led to her only big screen appearance as Tilly Masterson in 1964's Goldfinger, possibly the best known Bond films of all time. The Lancashire born lass chose not to use her new found stardom as a springboard to greater heights, refusing further roles to concentrate on her work as a model. After such a career high, who could blame her? She currently lives in England with her second husband.