Miss Caruso
(Madeline Smith)

Name: Madeline Smith
Character: Miss Caruso
Movie: Live And Let Die
Date of Birth: ??/??/49
Place of Birth: England

Illegally smuggled out the country, Bond's Italian contact is, unsurprisingly, still working on an important assignment with 007. Caught out by M, Miss Moneypenny uses her powers of foreign diplomacy to avoid an international incident.

Most memorable quote:
Bond: Sheer magnetism, darling.


Never being cast for her acting talents, Madeline Smith landed her first onscreen role in the Hammer horror Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970), and became a regular in the Hammer series, following up her minor role with a more major part in 1970's The Vampire Lovers. At the same time, she started to make her way in television, appearing as a nurse in the hit TV series Doctor in the House and His and Hers in 1970, as well as in an episode of The Persuaders directed by Roger Moore in 1971. After an appearance as "Erotica" in 1971's Up Pompeii, the offers started to flood in, and she made numerous films in the early seventies, including 1972's Up the Front, an appearance as as Mrs. Pullitt in Carry On Matron in 1972, 1973's Theatre of Blood and playing Roger Moore's first Bond girl in 1973's Live and Let Die.

However, although the film roles dried up by the end of the 70s, (her last big screen appearance was The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones in 1976), she continued to work as an actress on television for some time before finally slipping into obscurity.