Sue Vanner (The Log Cabin Girl)

Name: Sue Vanner
Character: The Log Cabin Girl
Movie: The Spy Who Loved Me
Date of Birth: ?
Place of Birth: ?

Saucily played by Sue Vanner, Bond's log cabin interest in is actually a Soviet double agent with orders to seduce 007. When she can no longer keep him otherwise occupied, the girl radios her KGB allies to inform them of Bond's whereabouts.

Most memorable quote:
Girl: But, James, I need you.
Bond: So does England!


Star of over 300 TV commercials, Sue Vanner's limited acting career began with a bit part in the unfunny comedy Adventures of a Taxi Driver in 1976, playing a hostage. Her previous work gained her enough recognition that she was chosen to play a Russian agent who seduces 007 in the 1977 Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. An appearance as a vampire in the TV version of Count Dracula (which starred Bond baddie Louis Jourdan as Dracula) followed in 1977. However, her film career soon dried up. Her most recent appearances were in 1985, in the surreal musical Return to Waterloo (written by Ray Davies, leader of the British band The Kinks), and, in the same year, a TV appearance on the series Girls On Top.