GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004) - Players Guide

Mission 1: Fort Knox

007 and yourself must foil Goldfinger's plan to irradiate the US gold reserve in an MI6 virtual reality mission based on Operation Grandslam.

Start the level by configuring your controls to your preference, and shortly, you will land with your vehicle in great condition. Work your way slowly down to the bottom of the staircase in front of you. When you get to the bottom, turn to the right and proceed across the platform. When you get to the end of the hallway the doors will open automatically when you get close enough to them. Go in and go through the left door. Kill the guard inside, proceed forward and go right to find another door to go through. Go inside, activate the trap near the ladder in the forward corner of the room, and descend down the ladder. Go down the stairs and all the way across the room, go up the stairwell and into the big hole - you can use the bending pipe as a slide.

Go up the stairwell in the room and then go into the door directly in front of you - you will find yourself in the room of Gold. This is gold Mr. Goldeneye - all my life I've been in love with its colour.. I welcome any venture that will increase my stock.

Get to the left side of the room and proceed forward to get to a large vault. Open it by simply walking to it, go into the next vault in the room, and you will come to a grating with an agent being shot at. Shoot the grating with any gun to open it, walk forward, and you will have completed the first mission.

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