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Mission 3: Hong Kong

Seeking revenge, Goldfinger sends you to Hong Kong to assassinate Dr. No is his skyscraper HQ. A triad informer is to provide you with a sniper rifle to take Dr. No out, but switches sides leaving you to fight you own way out to Pussy Galore's roof top extraction point.

Kill the two guards on the left and go to the northwest corner of the room. When you get there, turn left and go up the wooden ramp. Go to the right side of the room and ascend the staircase. After getting to the top, you will discover a case with... no sniper rifle. Unfortunately for you, the triad informant has informed Dr. No and switched sides. Make a 180 degree turn and go forward. When you get to the white pit, go down it. Navigate around the room and go up the wooden ramp. Go forward, go right, turn right, and use and go down the elevator. Follow the path and you will emerge outside. Follow the rather straightforward path of the rooftops eventually the second part of the four mission will start.

When you get to the dead end of the straightforward path, go through the room on the left and ascend the ladder. Eventually, after following the straightforward path again, you will get to the third part of the mission. Go to the right side of the room and down two levels. Activate your Goldeneye given to you by Francisco Scaramanga and download the information from the computer terminal. If you don't know what it looks like, it looks liked one of the old terminals from the 1997 Nintendo 64 game 'Goldeneye'. Continue to download at all the terminals (they are all in the same room) and eventually you will come outside. You can destroy the three hovering vehicles shooting at Galore's helicopter with the rocket launcher that constantly respawns on the center section of the rooftops. When you are done with those, use the zip line to the right of the roof.

On the rooftop, destroy all the generators and a gateway to a tunnel will appear. When climbing on top of the tunnel, an enemy will shoot through the glass and you will fall through. Go into the door and then enter the red door in the tunnel. Now the fourth and final part of the mission will start. Go through the door directly in front of you and you will emerge in a Hong Kong style room. Get to the end of the room and after all the enemies are eliminated, the doors at the end of the room will be unlocked and you can get past them. Eventually, you will reach an elevator. Use it. When you reach the room full of guards, kill the person dressed in white first. The person in white was the triad informant who got you in this mess. It does not take a lot of shots to kill him - he is like all the other guards. Go to the northeast corner of the room and open the door.

Use the zip line to the right. Soon, many (about three but more will appear once you eliminate the first three) aircraft will appear that are going to try to destroy Galore's helicopter. You seem to have all the time in the world to destroy them - no damage to Galore's helicopter seems to take place. Once you destroy the aircraft that take two shots from the rocket launcher to kill, Dr. No's aircraft will appear. Use the Harpoon RL to shoot at its propellers and cockpit. It can take up to as much as ten or fifteen shots so keep trying. Eventually, he will catch on fire - shoot him with your rocket launcher a few more times and his aircraft will be destroyed. Go across the platform and use the straightforward path. Go downstairs and ascend the ladder. When you reach the rooftop, kill all the enemies and then go to Galore's helicopter.

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