GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004) - Players Guide

Mission 4: Midas Casino

After the attack on Auric Enterprises, Goldfinger has moved the Omen to his most secure location - the vault of his Midas Casino in Las Vegas. Xenia Onatopp, working for Dr. No, has launched an assault on the casino. You must fight your way down to the vault and protect the Omen - at all costs..

Head up the golden staircase and go through the door. Here, you meet Xenia Onatopp although she will disappear soon after you enter the room. The chandelier will break and crash down on the floor so take the stairs to the right and then go to the other side of the room and take the stairs up and go through the door. Head to the end of the room and head, right, head left to go to the hallway, and go left again and take the elevator. Whilst in the elevator, kneel down and put your back directly against the middle of the elevator so you are not shot by the aircraft that is attacking you. Do this for all the elevators you enter in this level. When your elevator arrives at the floor, head into the elevator on the left. When the elevator stops, head out of the elevator then head right three times until you get to another set of elevators. Go into the second elevator on the right. The elevator will stop once and start to crash and then catch on fire. Eventually, the elevator will stop - head out of the elevator then head right three times. Head into the door in front of you and ascend the stairs.

Now you have reached the casino main floor. Navigate around the casino floor and you will find a rather large hole. Drop down into the hole and navigate around the floor using the games' onscreen navigational arrow and you will get to another part of the casino. Head left and continue left and you will come to a red corridor - go inside and head left and on your right will be a steel door. Go through the steel door and head down the stairs on the left. Then, head through the door directly in front of you. Follow the straightforward path for a bit and you will come to another casino room. Head down the stairs and then head up the stairs with the red carpet and then head left. Go to the end of the room and down the stairs and a pillar will fall down and in effect; blocking the entrance to the vault. Head to the right and to the circle of machines that look like old arcade machines and you will find a hole to drop through.

Using the navigational arrow, navigate around the caves and you will come to the vault. Hit the console button to the right and a door will open. Go out of the room and to the right. Go through the small door on the right and repeat the procedure. Do this about two or three more times and a door to the inner section of the circular hallway will open. Here you must protect Goldfinger's OMEN weapon which has been a mystery up until now. Defend the OMEN weapon against the enemies - they will never actually enter the room, they will just shoot through the windows at you. Defend the weapon for a few minutes and Pussy Galore will come back for you and the white platform will lower down to the ground. Walk into the centre of the room and the mission will be completed.

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