GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004) - Multiplayer Skins

Only 9 of the 17 skins are available for free use, the other 8 must be unlocked by achieving 4 "Octopi" rewards on each of the 8 single player campaign missions.

Skin Unlocked
Goldeneye N/A
Auric Guard N/A
Dr. No Guard N/A
Scientist N/A
Commando N/A
Triad Guard N/A
Midas Pitboss N/A
Dr. No Soldier N/A
Triad Elite N/A
Auric Elite Fort Knox
Dr. No Elite Auric Enterprises
Triad Informant Hong Kong
Oddjob Midas Casino
Xenia Onatopp Hoover Dam
Lair Guard The Octopus
Dr. No Crab Key
Lair Elite Volcano Lair