GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004) - Rogue Bonuses

To reach the higher sets of unlocks in the single player campaign, you will need to master Rogue Bonuses, which are awarded for "being bad". Each Rogue Bonus earns two points towards the final score.

Rogue Bonus Description
Perfect Shot

You must execute an extremely well aimed shot, which is also the last shot fired to kill an enemy. These are most commonly earned when using sniper scopes.
MI6 Tip: Aim for head shots when enemies are static, or use the venom gun first to slow their movements.


Death Trap

Easily achieved whenever you trigger a death trap that kills an enemy.
MI6 Tip: As well as earning easy Rogue Bonus points, death traps should be used to take out multiple enemies and conserve ammo.



First use the venom gun or stun an enemy with a melee attack, then grab them to act as a hostage and body shield.
MI6 Tip: Avoid taking hostages when using a two-handed gun, as you will drop the weapon.


Melee Throw

After taking a hostage, throw your captive to his death, into the line of fire, or towards more enemies.
MI6 Tip: Use melee throws against a group of enemies to buy yourself time.



Behave in a particular evil fashion and you will cause enemies to take subordinates as human shields to protect themselves.
MI6 Tip: When an enemy uses a fellow colleague as a human shield, switch to a heavy weapon to take them both out in as few shots as possible.


In Transit

This bonus is restricted to the maps with zip lines and elevators. Simply take out an enemy whilst on the move.
MI6 Tip: Best achieved using rapid fire weapons, as precise aiming will be difficult.



Simply take enemies out indirectly by shooting explosive barrels or stream vents.
MI6 Tip: Always aim for a barrel or fuel tank if an enemy is in close proximity, it will require less ammo cause an explosion than kill the target directly.


Not one for the feint hearted, you need to knock out an enemy with melee attacks alone.
MI6 Tip: Only perform this Rogue Bonus if you have high armour or the enemy has a poor weapon.


Shield Attack

Like the Knockout bonus, you need to use melee attacks to earn this. Having activated your Golden Eye shield, you must then discharge energy into the enemy.
MI6 Tip: If you have a fully charged shield, activate it whilst amongst a group of enemies to earn multiple bonuses.


Induction Field

This bonus requires the Golden Eye Field, which must be used to pick up and throw an enemy to his death.
MI6 Tip: This bonus is easily achieved on high gantries and platforms with low guard rails.


Cheap Shot

You must kill an enemy without them being aware of your presence or the ability to attack you back.
MI6 Tip: Switch on your Golden Eye MRI vision and pick off an enemy through a wall or obstacle with the rail gun.


This bonus is earned when an enemy is defeated via your use of the Golden Eye EM Hack to activate systems or reprogram weapons.
MI6 Tip: Combine this bonus with a death trap to earn two Rogue Bonuses for the price of one.