GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004) - Secrets

Secret Golden Gun
Hidden inside the long Hong Kong mission in "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent" is an Easter-egg left behind by developers. The secret room contains a couple of strange items - and a very powerful weapon!

The process to finding the Golden Gun begins after the short exchange between two guards, when the second one says "Dr No in a helicopter! Run!".

Your position at the point of the cut scene is crucial as you will need to return to the spot later.


Above: Follow the hidden route on the map to find the secret Golden Gun!

  1. Kill every guard you can find on this level of the building. Do not go up a level or drop down the hole. If you do, this will void the secret area.
  2. Go back to the position where the sniper rifle was supposed to be placed. Head towards the small fire on the right-hand side next to a horizontal (fallen) pillar. Walk straight towards the adjacent upright pillar.
  3. Crouch and keep moving in a forwards direction towards this pillar. Eventually you will magically pass through the pillar into a new room.
  4. You will appear in a new room. Stay crouched. Walk under the collapsed pillar. In the far-left corner of the room, crouch and push forwards, and you will pass through the wall.
  5. You will enter a second room. This area contains water and a booted cow floating on a boat!
  6. Look behind the cow and you will find the Golden Gun! The gun will come with seven bullets, and also a scope so you can use it like a sniper rifle.

It is believed the water and boat are references to "Medal of Honor: Rising Sun" which was produced by the same developers at EA Games, and the initials on the cow's rear at members of the design team. The cow wearing boots is a reference to the 1984 film "Top Secret!"

Hostage Bomb
Instead of simply throwing a goon into a pack of enemies to knock them over - try this instead. After stunning an opponent, us the MK2 Detonator to place a min on him. Throw the armed guard into a pack of hostiles, and detonate when he has knocked over the group. Take out a bunch of enemies in one go! You can also use your GoldenEye magnetic field to throw the guard further into distant enemies.

Above: The film that inspired the secret Golden Gun room.

Simple In-Transit Rogue Bonus
"In-Transit" Rogue Bonuses are earned by dispatching enemies whilst on the move. The simplest way to achieve these rare points is to simply stand in an elevator - without activating it - and killing enemies from there. Due to a glitch in the game design, you will earn In-Transit points without actually being on the move.

Simple Hostage Rogue Bonus
Another tricky Rogue Bones is the "Hostage" type. Instead of waiting for other enemies to dispatch you hostage, or if no goons are around, simply drag your hostage towards fires - the damage will take care of him and earn you a Rogue Bonus.

The Cheapest Cheap Shot
To make "Cheap Shot" Rogue Bonuses easier, simply stun an opponent near a wall, or even better use the Venom 200ml, and then quickly move behind the nearby wall. Switch the the Mag-Rail and take him out. The cheapest of cheap shots!

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