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Following the success of its previous Ian Fleming omnibuses, Penguin Modern Classics published ten major novels individually on 3rd June 2004.

The original covers were then updated in 2008 as part of the Ian Fleming centenary and also to bring the designs inline with the rest of the Penguin range.

Some of the photographic cover artwork stayed the same, but some covers were changed to include shots of Sean Connery as 007 and more relevant props. The updates were not without error though, as the latest edition of "Thunderball" uses a still from the 1967 movie "You Only Live Twice". The original 2004 covers are shown at the end of this page for comparison.

A new short story collection entitles "Quantum of Solace" was added to the line-up to coincide with the 2008 movie. The "Quantum of Solace" compendium contains all nine James Bond short stories written by Ian Fleming.

Original 2004 Covers

Images courtesy Penguin Modern Classics & Amazon Associates