Die Another Day (2002) - Novelization

Author: Raymond Benson
Published: 7th November 2002 (UK)
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Data Stream
Villains: Gustav Graves / Colonel Moon, Zao
Plot: Destroy the DMZ to allow the North to unify Korea, attack Japan.
Bond Girls: Jinx, Miranda Frost
Allies: M, Moneypenny, Q, Robinson, Falco

Puk'chong coast and Pyongong airbase, North Korea; DMZ, South Korea; Rubyeon Royale Hotel, Hong Kong; Havana and Isla Los Organos, Cuba; London, UK; Iceland.

Highlights: Escape and survival in Hong Kong, meeting with General Moon on the Antonov.

Capsule Synopsis
James Bond takes on a North Korean leader who uses an experimental gene therapy that allows him to assume different identities, and to hide in plain sight as he plans to unify the South, destroy Japan, and create a new superpower with a diamond-powered satellite.
Above: British 1st edition Coronet paperback (UK)

Official Blurb (American Paperback)
When danger becomes a temptation, when every move brings you closer to the edge, when you live each day like it's your last - there's a surprise around every curve...

From North Korea to Iceland, Bond circles the world in his quest to unmask a traitor and prevent a war of catastrophic proportions. Crossing paths with beautiful allies and deadly assassins in a high-octane action adventure of intrigue revenge and betrayal, never has Bond been so vulnerable, nor so dangerous...

Chapter Listing

  1. Surf's Up
  2. Shooting Gallery
  3. Ordeal
  4. Impatient Patient
  5. Seoul Feud
  6. Stopover in Hong Kong
  7. Jinxed
  8. The Beauty Parlour
  9. A Man Called Graves
  10. Flashing Blades at St James's
  11. Reinstated
  12. The Ice Palace
  13. Let There Be Light...And Love
  14. In the Hothouse
  15. Betrayed Again
  16. Fire and Ice
  17. That Sinking Feeling
  18. A New Moon
  19. Korean Stand-off
  20. Icarus Unleashed
  21. Into the Maelstrom
  22. Another Day Of Life

Right: Draft artwork for the US hardback edition that featured the first teaser poster.


Welcome back, Mr Bond. We’ve been waiting for you . . . Benson has gone back to Bondian basics in a fast-moving world of bedrooms, firm breasts, betting and bruises.’ - Independent on Sunday

‘Spectacular chases, gory killings and a spot of sado-masochism . . addicts of the genre will love it.’ - The Times

The novelization to Die Another Day was written by the then-current official James Bond writer, Raymond Benson, based on the screenplay by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. Fan reaction to it was above average. Months after its publication, Benson retired as the official James Bond novelist.

Benson On Bond
I had to invent some scenes to flesh out the book to an acceptable length. If I had simply put into prose what was in the screenplays, they would have been too short! As the management of Glidrose (and the switch to Ian Fleming Publications) changed, so did the people in charge of licensing at EON.

I had less freedom with The World is Not Enough and especially with Die Another Day. With the latter I wasn't allowed to change a single line of dialogue, although I could still embellish and invent some scenes.

I don't consider the novelizations to be a part of my original novel series, but I'm pleased to have been given the opportunity to do them. They made me feel as if I was putting in my two cents worth to the film story.

Above: American 1st edition Berkley Boulevard paperback.

Several of the film's cut scenes are described in the book as author Raymond Benson adapted the script before the final edits were made to the movie.

2002 November 7 - 1st edition Hodder & Stoughton hardback (UK) £18.99
November 7 - 1st edition Coronet paperback (UK) £6.99
November 5 - 1st edition Berkley Boulevard paperback (USA)
2003 March - 1st edition Thorndike Press large print hardback (USA)
2004 June - 1st edition Chivers Press large print hardback (UK)