The World Is Not Enough (1999) - Novelization

Author: Raymond Benson
Published: 18th November 1999 (UK)
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Villains: Elektra King, Renard 'The Fox'
Plot: Uncover the terrorist who is threatening the world's oil supply
Bond Girls: Dr. Christmas Jones, Elektra King, Dr. Molly Warmflash
Allies: Valentin Zukovsky, M, Moneypenny, Q, Q's Assistant

Bilbao, Spain; London, England; Scotland; Azerbaijan; Caspian Sea; Istanbul

Highlights: Valentin's last action; death of Elektra

Capsule Synopsis
James Bond is tasked with protecting Elektra King, heiress to her father's oil empire, whilst uncovering the terrorist who has inflicted damage on both MI6 and the pipeline. But when the villain is discover to be have been under his nose all along, 007 has to put duty above all else.
Above: British 1st edition Hodder & Stoughton hardback (UK)

Official Blurb (American Hardback)
After oil tycoon Sir Robert King is killed in a bombing at MI6 Headquarters, his daughter, Elektra, inherits his fortune - billions of dollars work of oil deposits in the Caspian Sea.. and James Bond, 007, as a bodyguard. Her new wealth attracts international interest. But she has also attracted the attentions of her father's killer...

His name is Renard. A bullet lodged in his brain has rendered him unable to feel physical pain, and he has but one reason left to live - revenge. There's only one man who can take the heat between a beautiful heiress, a malicious sociopath and his final diabolical plan.

Chapter Listing

  1. Errand Boy
  2. Fireworks on the Thames
  3. Elektra
  4. Blood and Oil
  5. Snow Prey
  6. Baku
  7. Pillow Talk and Passion
  8. Journey at Dawn
  9. Fire in the Hole
  10. The Approaching Storm
  11. Pressure in the Pipeline
  12. Prisoner of the Past
  13. The Maiden's Tower
  14. One Last Screw
  15. Unholy Alliance
  16. Countdown to Oblivion
  17. Fireworks over Istanbul *

* See trivia

Right: American 1st edition Hodder & Stoughton hardback (USA). The back cover tagline read: "Around the world in 007 ways".


Welcome back, Mr Bond. We’ve been waiting for you . . . Benson has gone back to Bondian basics in a fast-moving world of bedrooms, firm breasts, betting and bruises.’ - Independent on Sunday

‘Spectacular chases, gory killings and a spot of sado-masochism . . addicts of the genre will love it.’ - The Times

The novelization to The World Is Not Enough was written by the then-current official James Bond writer, Raymond Benson, based on the screenplay by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.

Benson On Bond
Greed, revenge, world domination through the power of oil, high-tech terrorism.... Only some of the ingredients of this latest 007 adventure which begins outside the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain and continues with a spectacular high-speed boat chase up the Thames and an avalanche in the Caucasus Mountains before Bond faces a murderous enemy in Baku and a potential nuclear explosion in Turkey.

Sir Robert King, a wealthy oil tycoon, is murdered in an unprecedented bombing at the Secret Intelligence Service's London headquarters. M takes the attack personally and sends James Bond to what was once the USSR to protect King's heiress, his beautiful and firey daughter Elektra. For the bombing is the work of 'Renard', the cruel and cunning terrorist who once kidnapped Elektra King and held her to ransom.

With nuclear weapons expert Dr Christmas Jones at his side, Bond travels to the Caspian Sea - where a former enemy becomes a formidable ally - before the final dramatic confrontation in the claustrophobic confines of a nuclear submarine beneath the surface of the Bosphorus.

The World Is Not Enough takes James Bond to new levels of danger, intrigue and non-stop action.

Above: Early placeholder artwork released to book sellers for the US hardback edition. The preview jacket recycled marketing material from the previous film "Tomorrow Never Dies".

The final chapter 'Fireworks over Istanbul' (17) was renamed 'Lullaby' in the American edition.

Covers of the UK paperback had a red peelable sticker announcing a contest inside to win a Sony Playstation video game console and the 'Tomorrow Never Dies' video game.

Actress Samantha Bond, who played Moneypenny in the Brosnan-era Bond movies, read the abridged audio cassette book of "The World Is Not Enough" in the UK. Over the in USA, it was read by John Kenneth.

1999 October 1 - 1st edition Berkley Boulevard paperback (USA) $6.99
October 15 - 1st edition Nova Audio Books audio cassette edition (USA)
November 18 - 1st edition Hodder & Stoughton hardback (UK) £16.99
November 18 - 1st edition Coronet paperback (UK) £5.99
December 13 - 1st edition Hodder & Stoughton Audio Books audio cassette edition (UK)
2005 July 1 - 1st edition Ulverscroft Large Print Editions hardback (UK) £16.99