Mistakes - Casino Royale

At the very beginning of the film, when Bond is talking to Dryden in his office, a wire can be seen leading from Dryden's chair off-screen. You later on see that was used to flip the chair.

During the chase at the beginning of the film, when Bond goes on his first assignment, his gun can sometimes be seen on the back of his right hip, then it disappears, then reappears when he needs it.

At the construction site, during the chase on the crane before the huge explosion, a cameraman is visible for just a second flying over the scene on a delta-wing.

When the bulldozer is about to break through a fence with a guard in a blue shirt standing in front, the first shot shows him jumping away. In the following angle, a split second later, he is back there and runs away instead of jumping.

Towards the beginning of the film, when Bond jumps off the van into the embassy, the patch of ground he lands on is obviously a landing mat with leaves and turf covering it.

In the freedom fighter's hut, the commander is playing pinball when Le Chiffre arrives. His game score clicks over to 1049 as he hands the machine to a young boy. In the next shot of the boy playing the score is somewhere in the 500's only.

When the aircraft carrying Bond to the Bahamas is first shown in the air approaching the airport it has an American registration (N followed by some digits). In a following shot when the aircraft is on the ground and Bond is getting out of the aircraft, the registration is all letters (probably a British G registration).

When Bond is watching the Ocean Club security video from the archive, the time display shows that the footage was supposedly recorded at around seven o'clock in the evening, but the shadows in the shot show that it is clearly much closer to noon.

In the surveillance room at the club in Bahamas there is a clock in the background on the wall that reads 12.16. In the second shot the clock suddenly changes to 12.21

In the first poker scene (in the Bahamas) the dealer deals out the turn (4th card) and says to the man across from him "Check or raise". The man raises and Bond calls. The dealer deals out the river (5th card), Bond thinks for a second and then checks. The action should have been on the man to Bond's right (who ended up betting his car) first, not on Bond.

In the Miami International Airport scene, a CSA Czech Airlines aircraft is shown in the background. This means the scene could not have been filmed in Miami because CSA do not offer flights to Miami or operate any code share flights there.

When the Skyfleet airplane prototype is first shown in its hangar, it has winglets at the outer tips of its wings. When the plane is later shown on the tarmac outside the hangar, the winglets are gone.

When Bond is trying to climb onto the aviation fuel truck, his trouser leg rides up and you can see the white protective suit the stuntman is wearing under the costume.

After the tank wagon has run over a luggage vehicle and through the passengers bus on the Miami runway, we see three pursuing police cars pass the bus as well. However, just a few seconds later there is no sign of any demolished vehicles in the background of the police cars.

When the fuel truck runs into the articulated bus, a big explosion with loads of fire can be seen in and under the back-end of this bus. However, this particular bus does not have any components in the back that can possibly explode as the motor and fuel tanks are located in the front-part of the bus. Only one compressed air-tank is located in the back.

The tires on the tank truck are shot by the police. A few shots later when Bond stops the truck in front of the plane the tires are intact.

When the scene on the train begins a caption shows that the location is Macedonia. After that a shot of the train passing through a station shows the train station as being named Chur Ost. Chur is in Switzerland, not Macedonia.

On the train to Montenegro, Bond & Vesper are swaying or rocking with the train, but the wine on the table is not.

Scenes in Montenegro have many goofs because there are no such buildings, hills are not as green as they showed (it's mostly bare rock), roads are totally different then they are in Montenegro. Also, there are no such plates there (TT), and especially there is no such train as shown in the movie. All in all, Montenegro doesn't look a bit like they showed it.

When Bond goes into his Aston Martin for the very first time, he does not close the door. He then reaches for his gun in the glove compartment, and immediately after, the door is closed. When he gets out of the car, it is open and he just steps out. He never closes or opens the door while in the car.

When Vesper and Bond first talk with Mathis at the outdoor cafe, one of the buildings in the shot is clearly marked 'Bily Kun,' which means 'white horse' in Czech, betraying the actual filming location.

During the scene at the restaurant in Montenegro (actually filmed in the Czech Republic) you see a payphone with a Czech Telecom logo on it (itself a piece of history as these are all now rebranded O2).

When Bond enters his pass code at the poker game, he enters 836547. This combination of numbers cannot spell VESPER. However, at the end of the film when Vesper Lynd enters the pass code, the last three digits entered are 737 (which, indeed, can spell PER).

After the fight in the stairwell between Le Chiffre's clients, Bond returns to the poker table with no sign of the face injuries he received during the fight.

Just after Bond loses the first game to Le Chiffre, his left hand is right over his right. In the next shot, it's reversed.

When Bond is talking to MI6 in his car after he has been poisoned, he applies the defibrillator to his chest. He is told to press the button but the device does not respond. Right before he passes out he sees the wire is not connected. Vesper appears and notices the wire is not connected. She connects the wire and shocks Bond. The scene cuts back and forth. After this cut back you can still see the wire has not been connected. Then the scene cuts back and forth again and this time the wire is in fact connected.

When Bond is suffering from Digitalis poisoning, his heart rate is shown as 135 BPM, however, a symptom of Digitalis poisoning is low pulse rate.

In the final hand of the poker game, everybody is all-in and Bond wins. However, LeChiffre has a greater value of chips, meaning that Bond can only win from each player up the amount he put into the pot. Any money in excess of this should have gone back to Le Chiffre and the game continued between him and Bond. In the movie, Bond wins everything.

During the poker games as usual the gamblers say: "check", meaning they pass the opportunity to bet to the next person. However, in the Polish cinema translation the subtitles say "czekam" instead of "sprawdzam", which is the word which should be used. "Czekam" means "I'm waiting" - while it sounds similar to "check", it makes no sense in the context of the game.

During the torture scene, close-ups of Bond's face reveal bloody markings on his right cheek that disappear and reappear between shots.

In the scene where Bond is being tortured by Le Chiffre, Le Chiffre dies and falls to the floor. The close-up shot of his face shows that the scar is on the right side whereas throughout the entire movie, his scarred eye is the left one.

In a scene towards the end of the movie where Bond and Vesper are lying on the beach, Bond has sand on his back through most of the scene. When they start to kiss, in the distant shot towards the end of the scene, he has no sand on his back at all.

When Bond starts to type his resignation letter on the boat in Venice he's wearing an Omega Planet Ocean watch with a black strap. When he finishes typing and closes the laptop he's wearing an Omega Seamaster with a silver strap - a completely different watch.

When Mathis is talking with Bond before he is shocked, lighting equipment is reflected in his sunglasses.

When Vesper puts her red dress on in the hotel room in Venice she isn't wearing a bra. When Bond and her walk down the stairs, a bra strap is visible across her back.

In the scene in the collapsing house in Venice, there is a moment where Bond rips an electricity cable out of a junction box and electrocutes a baddie. However, as Bond is holding the guy's shoulder while he electrocutes him, he should also be electrocuted.

When Bond is trying to save Vesper from the cage underwater, in one shot the impression of an outline of a diving mask is clearly visible around her face.

As Bond into the water to save Vesper from the sunken lift you see from his very shriveled hands he's been in the water longer than a few seconds.

If a house collapses into the waters of a Venice channel, after the collapse the water would be so murky that the under water visibility would be zero. But in the underwater scene the visibility is like that of a swimming pool.

During the final scene when Bond shoots Mr. White in the leg, knee pads are obviously worn under Mr. White's pants.