Synposis - Casino Royale

James Bond is a rookie MI6 agent, but he shows promise and has attracted the attention of 'M'. The film opens on a shady figure entering an office at midnight. The man, Dryden, is the head of the 00-Section and is confronted by James Bond who has broken into the office of the head of department. Bond announces M's disappointment in Dryden's betrayal. Bond relays the story of his first kill for MI6 to Dryden - who is skeptical that MI6 would have sent anything less than a 00 to deal with his treason. "Don't worry," assures Dryden, facing the facts. Bond coldly assassinates him and the credits roll.

Two kills has made James Bond the newest man to hold the title of 007 and sees him sent on assignment with agent Carter. The pair are in Madagascar, watching bomb-maker Mollaka. When the terrorist gets his orders via phone, Carter gives himself away by holding his earwig tightly. Mollaka makes a break for it, through the midst of a snake-vs-mongoose fight that is occupying a nearby crowd. Cursing Carter, 007 gives chase. Carter is quickly tired and lags behind but Bond keeps up with the free-running terrorist. Scampering through a nearby contraction site, 007 and Mollaka come face to face on the beam of a tower crane. Mollaka makes a phenomenal leap to safety, evading 007 again. Bond eventually traces the goon to an embassy and on sensitive diplomatic ground proceeds to attack the embassy guards to get to his target. Bond causes a dramatic scene that makes its way into the next day's papers and displeases M.

Back in London, M gets a scolding from the politicians at Whitehall, cursing 007 for his "blowing up an embassy" and cursing the politicians for caring only when MI6 is actually caught breaking international laws. Curious about the nature of the mission, Bond cheekily breaks into M's penthouse apartment and logs into her laptop. M bluntly disciplines 007 and stands him down from the mission.

Having gained intel on the bomb maker from M's laptop, Bond makes his way to the Bahamas. Here he discovers Alex Dimitrios - the shady middleman who sets criminals up with their employers. 007 checks into the Ocean Club, coaxing the receptionist into revealing the address of Dimitros' beach-front home. He also discovers that the middleman likes to play Hold'em poker at the Ocean Club. Casing the joint, Bond recognises Solange Dimitrios - the beautiful and ill-kept wife of the villain. Later Bond makes contact with Dimitrios across the poker table, exhibiting his poker skills and winning Dimitrios rare '60s Aston Martin DB5. 007 also walks away with Solange, picking her up after the game (in the DB5) and taking her for a drink at "his place".

In the midst of a tryst with Solange, Bond discovers her husband is making a last-minute trip to Miami. Bond abandons the girl and chases after Dimitrios, sensing a deal is going on. In Miami, 007 follows the terrorist to his rendezvous with yet another bomb maker. He follows the latter, Carlos, to Miami airport. He observes that Carlos has donned a maintenance uniform and passed security. 007 calls headquarters and speaks to the efficient Villiers, M's new secretary... who promptly puts him on hold. M takes the call and realises that the terrorist is targeting the new Skyfleet plane due for its inaugural flight that evening. Bond pursues the terrorist onto the tarmac but without the permission of the Miami police.

With the terrorist disarmed and the plans of Dimitrios and his superiors foiled, albeit temporarily, James Bond returns to the Ocean Club to find M, Villiers and a dead Solange. M probes 007 about the nature of his relationship with the girl, but Bond assures her that his real name and identify were not exposed. The MI6 chief implants her 00-agent with a tracking device and sends him on a new mission. The man they believe to be behind the Skyfleet attack, Le Chiffre, is planning a high stakes poker competition at Casino Royale in Montenegro. Bond, as the best poker player in the service, is dispatched to take on the villain at his own game and feed him to the wolves.

On the train to Montenegro, Bond rendezvous with the beautiful but cold treasury representative Vesper Lynd, who will be keeping her eyes on the money with which 007 gambles. The pair cross swords as soon as they meet but Bond's reputation has preceded him and Miss Lynd gives as good as she gets from the quipping James Bond.

On arrival at their hotel, Bond dispenses with his alias (that of poker shark Mr. Arlington Beach) much to Vesper's annoyance - and after checking into the hotel, meets MI6's man in Montenegro: Rene Mathis.

The first round of poker goes well and Bond quickly discovers Le Chiffre's tell. Bond explains this to Mathis and Vesper over another of his fabulous, as-yet untitled martinis. When Le Chiffre retires to his room during the game's intermission 007 snoops on the villain (who is clearly having money troubles). Running into Vesper in the hallway, Bond is confronted by the goons, who are attempting to extract their lost funds from the shady Le Chiffre. After dispatching with one of them in a close-combat brawl and consoling a frightened Vesper, 007 returns to the table in a fresh dinner shirt.

The 00 agent is gaining the upper hand over the gamers but the villainess Valenka spikes Bond's drink. He staggers to the bathroom; after downing salted water, Bond makes his way to the Aston Martin DBS in order to make contact with headquarters. The boffins talk 007 through administering the antidote and Vesper arrives just in time to resuscitate a fainting James Bond.

After the poison, Le Chiffre has 007 beaten and he is out of funds. Vesper refuses to bankroll any more of what she views as a fruitless venture. Bond, resolving to assassinate the villain, is stopped by one of his fellow poker players. The man introduces himself as a "brother from Langley" and Felix Leiter offers to back Bond's game. Back at the table and with new funds, Bond bankrupts the villain.

Dinner with Vesper is interrupted by a call from Mathis. Vesper is deceived into leaving the hotel and finds herself bundled into a car by the villains. Bond in the DBS gives chase but as he comes over a rise, he finds Vesper tied up in the middle of the road. Swerving wildly to miss the girl, Bond rolls the Aston. When regains consciousness his MI6 tracking device is ripped from him and he is taken prisoner.

James Bond is tortured by Le Chiffre until the villain is interrupted by a shady figure. Mr While coldly assassinates Le Chiffre but lets 007 live. James Bond and Vesper Lynd retire to Italy in order to recuperate from the torturous event.

Here, the pair grow closer and eventually fall in love. Bond and Vesper agree to resign from their respective employers and sail around the world. In Venice, Vesper notices something that shakes her thoroughly. Bond doesn't understand it. However, when Vesper takes off to the bank, Bond discovers that she intends to withdraw all of the poker winnings and hand them over to a shady organisation. Bond gives chase but he is attacked by a series of goons who were escorting their mole to safety. 007 dispatches with several henchmen but ashamed, Vesper locks herself in the elevator of an old, partly-refurbished home. As the battle between Bond and the goons ensues, the old house collapses around them and Vesper, locked in the lift, drops suddenly into the water. 007 dives for her but he is too late.

Later, Bond is briefed by M as to the betrayal of Vesper and remarks bluntly that "the Bitch is dead now". M reminds him that she probably traded her life for his. Tiding up loose ends, Bond follows a message left for him by Vesper and arrives at the home of Mr. White - the shady assassin who was behind the death of Le Chiffre. 007 cripples White with a shot to the leg and - after he introduces himself - the credits roll.

James Bond Will Return.