Mistakes - Dr. No

Why does Dr. No bother to fit a wheel to his reactor that can be turned so high that the reactor reaches "Danger Level"? Why not just fix the wheel so that it can't be turned that high?

When the blind assassins pull away in their sedan, the filmmakers lighting rig can be seen reflected in the car's windows.

James Bond is met at the airport by one of No's henchmen and driven away into the countryside. Bond picks a fight, during which he is seen to pick up the villain by the neck using his left hand, threatening to hit him with his right fist. When he delivers the blow, however, it's with his left fist!

In Miss Moneypenny's office, Bond hangs his hat on the rack so that it's facing towards the door. When he comes back from his meeting with M, however, the hat is now facing the other way.

During Bond's briefing with M, a boom light can clearly be seen reflecting from a painting on the wall above the fire.

Bond is collected by the bogus taxi driver and gets into the car and sits behind the driver. Later it seems he has moved to the passenger side.

When Mss Taro's door is closed, no noise can be heard from the door being slammed shut.

Although the rocket Dr. No is sabotaging is referred to as "MA-7", the first image on the monitors is of an unmanned Vanguard, whilst the film of the rocket in flight appears to show a Titan.

At the airport on Jamaica, when Bond uses the telephone booth, you can see the lighting and crew members reflected in the glass door as he opens it to walk in and out, also when Felix Leiter opens the door you can see them again.

At the airport, Leiter gets into a 1961 Chevrolet Impala pillared sedan which mysteriously changes to a a 4-door pillarless sedan during the ensuing car chase.

In the dialogue between Bond and the Armourer in M's office it is revealed that the Walther PPK takes a Brausch silencer, but later in the picture we see him fitting a FN Browning silencer to the gun.

During the sequence when Bond is crawling through the ventilation inside No's fortress, the walls in the tunnel wobble.

When Bond goes to meet Leiter after setting up traps in his room, he's wearing a light-coloured suit. After the meeting he returns to his room, then immediately goes to see Professor Dent about Strangway's samples. Now he's suddenly wearing a dark suit though he doesn't seem to have triggered any of the traps he set in his room, including the one on his wardrobe!

When Bond deposits Miss Taro with the superintendent it is getting dark but after all the time he waits for Professor Dent when the scene between the two enemies is played out, there is light on the other side of the shutters.

Bond dusts his briefcase with talcum powder so that he can tell if anyone's tried to open it. He places the case on a table with a mirror and some perfume bottles to its left. Later, the case has moved to the other side of the table and the perfume bottles have gone, replaced by a magazine.

Bottles cause another continuity error when Bond first enters his hotel room. Then we see a clear bottle and a green one sitting on the table, but when he comes back and begins checking his traps, the green one is missing.

The colour of the dashboard in Bond's car changes from red in close-ups to black in medium shots.

The photographer breaks a small glass vase and gouges Quarrel's right cheek producing a large amount of blood. In subsequent shots there is no wound on his face.

When Bond is in the ventilation system and Bond endures a rush of scolding water, Connery's toupee is displaced.

During Bond's fight with Puss-Fella and Quarrel in the bar's store room, his opponents fall against some boxes of Red Stripe beer and knock them over. It soon becomes clear that the boxes are empty, which prompts the question why anyone would want to keep empty boxes in a store room.

Bond meets the mysterious photographer trying to take his picture in a club. When Bond first sits down, the camera strap is around Freelance's neck, but it's missing from her close-up.

Bond's sleep is disturbed by a poisonous spider that has been let loose in his bed and it's obvious that whenever Connery's face is in shot, the spider is sitting on a glass plate. We only see it actually on a real arm when the stuntman takes over. Connery has a terrible phobia of spiders which explains everything...

At the casino, Bond lights a cigarette and Sylvia asks to raise the stakes. Bond removes the cigarette from his mouth and places his hand on the shoe. But when he says "I have no objection" he is just taking the cigarette out of his mouth! When the camera then cuts to a back view of Bond, his hand is back on the shoe.

During his trip to Taro's house, Bond is pursued by some of No's henchmen in a hearse. The hearse gives chase and both cars manage to go round the same corner, past the same distinctive bush, twice! Also during the chase, you can clearly hear tyres squealing as the cars take corners - but the road is gravel, so there should have been squealing of tyres!

When the pursuing hearse finally goes over a cliff, it turns into an entirely different car altogether.

At the end, in the boat, Bond is holding the oil level dip stick in his hand when he announces that they are out of fuel. Why would he need to check the oil?

When Bond actually arrives at Taro's - alive, despite the best efforts of No's minions - he approaches her house and all of the windows are covered by shutters closed at a specific angle. Inside, one of the shutters is at a different angle.

Taro phones Bond and asks him to come to her house. She gives him the address as 239 Magenta Drive, but later, when Bond is preparing to leave, he tells the cab company on the phone that the address is 2171 Magenta Drive and Taro agrees! This was partly rectified in MGM's video release as part of the James Bond Collector's Set Volume 1. the close captions refer to the address as Magenta Drive 2171 on both occasions.

While Bond is waiting for Professor Dent at Taro's house, he loses his tie for a while as he attaches the silencer to his gun. Also watch Bond's socks while he's waiting for Dent to arrive - they keep changing length. His tie also vanishes.

When Bond, Ryder and Quarrel are hiding from Dr. No's gun-totin' boat crew, one of the sailors hails them through a megaphone, ordering them to give themselves up. But at one point, he speaks without the megaphone and his voice is still amplified and distorted!

When fighting with Jones the chauffeur, Bond pulls back with his right arm and hits him with his left.

In the Puss-Fella club, the lounge singer's voice is heard while his mouth is not moving.

The speedometer of the '57 Chevy shown in the chase scene is actually that of a '57 Ford.

Ursula Andress' flesh-coloured swim suit is clearly visible when she steps out of the shower at No's headquarters.

When Bond stabs one of the guards in the back, he doesn't seem to bleed.

Quarrel calls Bond and Ryder to look at the "dragon trail". Despite having just got out of the water, Ryder's clothes are now suddenly bone dry.

When shooting at the "dragon", Bond's gun changes from a Walther PPK to a Colt .45. James Bond's gun appears to run out of ammunition twice while shooting, and without visibly reloading, he is able to continue to shoot.

When Dr. No picks up the gold Buddha statuette at the dinner table, you can see it get squashed a little and that is made of soft rubber. After Dr. No has crushed the statuette, he drops it to the floor. In a subsequent wide shot, however, the statuette is back on the table undamaged.

When Bond is crawling through the air ducts in No's headquarters, he is very nearly killed by a sudden rush of water. He then kicks open a grille and drops down into No's main laboratory. So why didn't all the water rush through the grille and flood the laboratory? Come to that, why on Earth is No pumping water through ventilation ducts?

During the climactic struggle, Dr. No turns the radiation level of the reactor up to around 40 - 45. Although no-one then touches the controls, during the hand-to-hand tussle with Bond we can clearly see that the level has dropped to 30.

Bond and Ryder seem to change places in the boat at the very end depending upon which shot they're seen in.