Fan Verdict - From Russia With Love

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Fans rated the following elements of the movie on a 1-10 scale (10 being best): Bond, Babes, Villains, Humour, Sadism, Snobbery, Action, Locations, Gadgets, Music and 'Tilt' - a rating to account for any qualities not captured in the main categories.

Also up for discussion were the 'best bits' of the movie, including: most 'Bondian' moment, funniest scene, best line, best location, best action sequence, best Bond girl and best overall performance.

From Russia With Love overall score: 8.9


Above: Cover art for the "From Russia With Love" score, composed by John Barry...

Most 'Bondian' Moment
Winner: James Bond puts his tradecraft to work when he effortlessly sweeps his hotel room for bugs
Honourable mentions: Meeting Tatiana on the ferry, the shooting of Krilencu coming out of Anita Ekberg's mouth.

Funniest Scene
Winner: An exasperated M and Moneypenny listen to the tape of Bond and Tatiana's conversations.
Honourable mention: Stealing the Lektor: "Russian clocks are always correct".

  Rating Results
Category Average Score
Villains 9.8
Bond 9.7
Sadism 9.2
Babes 8.9
Action 8.8
Locations 8.7
Music 8.7
Gadgets 8.4
Snobbery 8.3
Humour 8.1
Overall 8.9

Best Line
Winner: "The first one won't kill you; not the second, not even the third... not till you crawl over here and you kiss my foot!"
Honourable mentions: "Let his death be a particularly unpleasant and humiliating one."

Best Location
Winner: Istanbul
Honourable mentions: Orient Express

Best Action Sequence
Winner: James Bond and Donald 'Red' Grant fight to the death in his claustrophobic train compartment.
Honourable mentions: The gipsy fight and ensuing gun battle.

Best Bond Girl
Winner: Tatiana.

Best Overall Performance
Winner: Robert Shaw as Donald 'Red' Grant.

What The Fans Said
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"This was a worthy sequel to “Dr. No”. Connery still plays Bond brilliantly, Tatiana is another quality Bond girl, Kerim Bey was a memorable ally, and SPECTRE proves to be cold and diabolical, once again." -- Mr Brown

"There are many moments in this film where there are several ‘Bondian’ scenes in a row, for example, the gypsy scenes, followed by the assassination of Krilencu, followed by Bond and Tatiana’s first meeting. It’s just one Bondian scene after another. " -- FieldsMan

"Remarked by Connery himself as high on intrigue and light on technology and gadgetry, From Russia is perhaps the greatest Bond film in the series. Though many would disagree and opt instead for follow up film Goldfinger, it is arguably with the second Bond adventure that plot and characterisation gel so effectively." -- JamesC

"Elegant, urbane and polished. The edgy Bond from Dr No has gone. This man oozes self belief and dangerous cool." -- NicNac

"Connery simply hits this one out of the park. His debut was highly impressive, his follow up is nothing short of brilliant. He's more self assured in the role, his confidence and coolness light up the screen." -- Benny

"Bond would never have a more special ally than Kerim Bey. Their friendship was a joy to watch, and the onscreen chemistry between Sean and Pedro Armendariz undeniable." -- Sir Henry Lee Ch-Ching

"From Russia With Love is probably as a collective, the most serious, most mature and most entertaining Bond film that sows the seeds from which the media culture has plucked, utilised, exploited and spoofed to no end. " -- double o ego

"With the larger budget, the producers certainly set out to create something good to support Fleming’s masterpiece. And all taken into account, From Russia With Love should be known for what it is; a timeless thriller and a milestone of the Bond series." -- 007calbrit

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