Movie Information - From Russia With Love

Year of Production: 1963
Date of Release: 10 October 1963 (UK), 8 April 1964 (US)
Running Times: 116 mins
Format: Technicolor 35mm
Classification: PG (UK)
Ratio: 1.37:1 [negative ratio]; 1.66:1 [intended ratio for European prints]; 1.85:1 [intended ratio for US prints]
Sound: Mono


Sean Connery [James Bond]
Pedro Armendariz [Kerim Bey]
Lotte Lenya [Rosa Klebb]
Robert Shaw [Red Grant]
Bernard Lee [M]
Daniela Bianchi [Tatiana Romanova]
Eunice Gayson [Sylvia]
Walter Gotell [Morzeny]
Francis de Wolff [Vavra]
George Pastell [train conductor]
Nadja Regin [Kerim's girl]
Lois Maxwell [Miss Moneypenny]
Aliza Gur [Vida]
Martine Beswick [Zora]
Vladek Sheybal [Kronsteen]
Hasan Ceylan [foreign agent]
Leila [belly dancer]
Fred Haggerty [Krilencu]
Neville Jason [Rolls chauffeur]
Peter Bayliss [Benz]
Nushet Ataer [Mehmet]
Peter Brayham [Rhoda]
Desmond Llewelyn [Boothroyd]
Jan Williams [masseuse]
Peter Madden [McAdams]
? (real name: Anthony Dawson) [Ernst Stavro Blofeld]
Anthony Dawson [Number One - uncredited]
Eric Pohlman [voice of Number One - uncredited]
Bill Hill [Nash - uncredited]
Julie Mendez [dancer in title sequence - uncredited]
Bob Simmons [James Bond in gunbarrel sequence - uncredited]


Production Company: Eon Productions

Producers: Harry Saltzman, Albert R. Broccoli
Production Manager: Bill Hill

Screenplay: Richard Maibaum
Novel: Ian Fleming
Adaption: Johanna Harwood
Continuity: Kay Mander

Director: Terence Young
Assistant Director: David Anderson

Director of Photography: Ted Moore
Camera Operator: Johnny Winbolt
2nd Unit Camera: Robert Kindred

Editor: Peter Hunt
Assembly Editor: Ben Rayner

Music: John Barry
Song: Lionel Bart
Song Performed By: Matt Monro (rn: Terry Parsons)
Music Recorded At: CTS Studios, London

Sound Recording: John W. Mitchell, C. Le Mesurier
Dubbing Editors: Norman Wanstall, Harry Miller

Make Up: Basil Newall, Paul Rabiger
Hair: Eileen Warwick
Costume Designer: Jocelyn Rickards
Wardrobe Mistress: Eileen Sullivan
Wardrobe Master: Ernie Farrer

Special Effects: John Stears
Assistant Special Effects: Frank George
Title Designer: Robert Brownjohn
Assistant Titles: Trevor Bond
Titles Photography: Frank Tidy [uncredited]

Art Director: Syd Cain
Assistant Art Director: Michael White
Set Dresser: Freda Pearson

Istanbul Production Assistant: Ilham Filmer

Location Manager: Frank Ernst

Stunt Arranger: Peter Perkins


SPECTRE island, London, Istanbul, Turkey, Yugoslavia on the Orient Express.

Alternative Titles

Love Greetings From Moscow (Germany), Hearty Kisses From Russia (France), To 007, From Russia With Love (Italy), Love And Kisses From Russia (Belgium), Agent 007 Sees Red (Sweden), Moscow Versus 007 (Portugal), 007 In Istanbul (Finland).