Location Guide - For Your Eyes Only


London, UK
After a phony red-alert call and a hair-raising helicopter ride above Beckton Gasworks in London, Bond meets with the MI6 Chief of Staff and the Minister of Defence at the Ministry at Whitehall Court to receive his orders. 007 must investigate a Cuban hit man, Gonzales. After the mission falls apart and Gonzales is assassinated, Bond returns to London, where Q uses the Identigraph to identify the paymaster as the shady gangster, Emile Locque.



Corfu, Greece
Bond journeys to Vatonies on the island of Corfu, to the luxury estate of rich playboy-assassin: Hector Gonzales. Whilst surveying the payoff Bond's cover is blown and the situation soon erupts into a Citron-bound rampage through the foothills of Corfu and into Pagi village. Later, Bond returns to Corfu with Melina Havlock intent on tracking down her parents killer. Here, Bond meets with Kristatos at the Achillion Palace Casino and in the course of the investigation, 007 spends the night with British-born Countess Lisl at her beachfront batch before her tragic death.



Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy
Intent on getting to the bottom of the ATAC encoder mystery, Bond agrees to meet with Aris Kristatos. At the Olympic Ice Rink in Cortina, 007 rendezvous with the chilly Kristatos who suggests that Locque is working for the smuggler Columbo. In search of Locque and with a little persuasion from the over-zealous Bibi, Bond attends a biathlon event, where the villain's goons ambush him and a gigantic ski-chase ensues. Presumably out of trouble, 007 returns to Corfu Township and runs into Melina.



To prove his loyalty to Bond, Columbo takes his entourage across the sea to Albania and with the help of 007, he raids Kristatos' warehouse where he stores his smuggled opium. After a brutal firefight in and around the dockside warehouse, 007 pursues the Locque, to a rocky cliff-top where he meets his demise. In one of his most vengeful moments, Bond kicks the car from it precarious position.



Ionian Sea
Bond and Melina head for the Ionian Sea where 007 believes he will find the wreckage of the St. Georges spy-ship and the precious ATAC. When Melina and Bond go below the surface to investigate the wreck they are ambushed underwater by Kristatos' goons and finally captured onboard the boat.



Kalambaka, Greece
Kristatos takes the ATAC to St. Cyrils, an abandoned and ornate monastery, at the summit of a remote mountain in Meteora. In this historic place of worship the villain hopes to sell the British encoder to the highest bidder. Bond, Columbo and Melina rendezvous at the remote outpost to take on the manic Kristatos and protect British secrets. 007 and the power hungry Kristatos face-off once more at this isolated haven. With the mission a success, Melina and Bond retire to her luxury launch for some peace and quiet.


Shooting For Your Eyes Only
First-time Bond director John Glen assembled a top-notch team and embarked for Corfu in the autumn of 1980. On September 15th, production on the twelfth Bond adventure began at the Villa Sylva at Kanoni, standing in for Gonzales' elaborate residence. The "For Your Eyes Only" shoot got off to a good start - for several sunny days the first unit shot the sequence that would see the hitman's death and climax in a frantic car chase. With the first action piece in the can, the crew departed for the Greek mainland to capture scenes with their leads in and around St. Cyrils - actually known as Agia Triada Monastery.

Right: "For Your Eyes Only" casts the spotlight on the mediterranean..


The production complexity increased substantially when the resident monks protested the crew's presence. The clergymen, who were not directly involved in the productions negotiations to shoot there, went out of their way to prevent John Glen and his team from capturing the shots they would require. Whilst filming scenes in and around the buildings proved to be impossible until the dispute was resolved, the monks could not prevent Rick Sylvester and the second unit from staging Bond's daring ascent and rapid decent of the sheer cliff face.

Corfu also doubled for the various Albanian locations seen in "For Your Eyes Only". The crew shot at The Old Fortress in Corfu Township to stage the dockside fight, Bond's chase through the ruins and finally onto the cliff face. The moment of truth for Roger Moore's Bond was upon the first unit at this setting - Moore confirms his follow up to "Moonraker" has two feet firmly on the ground when he opts to boot Locque's car from its teetering position. Next, the first unit can scenes at St. Georges Beach, Corfu to capture the beach-buggy showdown and the tragic death of Lisl.

Above: Bond's 12th on-screen mission sees the superspy travel from London to Corfu and back; From the UK to the snowy Cortina, Italy and and back to the mediterranean.

Back home in the UK another Bond veteran Peter Lamont, who had recently risen through the ranks, was preparing a raft of sets at Pinewood for the crew's return just prior to Christmas 1980. Lamont had worked closely with Ken Adam and his team for nearly 20 years before Adam stepped down from the role of Production Designer and let Lamont come to the fore. In the warmth of the sound studio Moore and co-star Cassandra Harris shoot their "nightcap" sequence as well as scenes onboard the St. Georges spy-ship.

Above: In and around the water - 007 sails to the Albanian docks with Columbo, returning to Corfu in time to rendezvous with Melina and explore the St. Georges wreck in the Ionian Sea. Bond's last stop is the rocky outcrops of Kalambaka, on the Greek mainland...

January saw the first unit on location again in northern Italy, filming a high-octane ski sequence in and around the Olympic ski-jump at Cortina. The crew faced a major challenge in Cortina - the township's warmest winter in decades! Some quick planning saw snow trucked in from neighboring areas in order to lend to the effect of mid-winter. The first unit filmed exteriors of the Miramonti Hotel and ski-lodge, which were used as Bond's residence whilst in Italy, all the while the second unit took on the more dangerous challenge of filming the extensive bobsled sequence. Principal production for the newest 007 adventure wrapped in March of 1981 - leaving just three months for post production work before the June 24th premiere.