Mistakes - GoldenEye

In the pre-title sequence at the Arkangel dam, when Bond is supposedly cutting through a hatch with a "laser", but the green laser light that depicts the placement of the laser is not in the same position where the cut is being created.

When Bond jumps from the dam in Arkangel, a shot follows him down during the fall, then another shot begins from the top of the dam and follows him down again. In the latter angle a white European model box truck and a yellow crane are visible - you can see these in the "making of" documentary, as they are each used for the stunt. Clearly they are not meant to be there by script, as it is a location deep in Russia that doesn't have western European vehicles, and moreover, the shot of the dam right before the jump (no more then couple of seconds) shows the entire dam empty.

During the pre-titles escape scene, when one of the soldiers is hit by a motorbike, he is thrown before the impact actually occurs.

Bond leans against a stone wall in the Arkangel weapons factory, and it flexes.

While escaping in the plane at the pre-titles sequence, we see takes of Russian base exploding without any of the soldiers or vehicles that were chasing Bond before his jump.

Bond acquires gloves after falling out of the plane.

When Bond is looking through his camera at the boat Xenia is boarding, he is looking with his left eye, but when we see him again, the camera is on his right eye.

When Bond bikes off the end of the runway, he is able to catch up with, and board, the falling plane. It is impossible for someone in free-fall to catch up with an object that is descending under both the force of gravity and that of its own engines. The plane will always be traveling faster than Bond is (until it hits the ground, of course).

The dam seen in the start of the film is in a summery snow-free area. When Bond enters the station, he is at the bottom of a valley. When he emerges from the station, he is at the top of a snowy cold mountain, with no such valley in sight.

After Bond shoots the tank's cannon at the train we see him climb out of the tank. A second later the shot shows him off the tracks and we see the train go by. As the train passes the camera follows it and you can see Bond is a long way away from the tank. He would have had no time to make it that far in such a short space of seconds.

The terrain around Arkangel where the pre-title sequence took place is flat. Certainly not enough altitude to a allow a small plane at the foot of a dam to fly vertically down for almost a minute.

During the tank/car chase in St. Petersburg, Bond plows the tank through a Perrier truck. After breaking through the truck, Perrier cans fly all over the place, but nothing comes out of any of them. Furthermore, from the sound they make as they hit the ground, they are obviously all empty. No Perrier truck would carry empty cans.

When Jack Wade hits his car's rear-mounted engine with the sledgehammer, we hear it start, but the crankshaft-mounted fan doesn't turn.

The little helicopter the villains use to escape from the armored train is a Robinson, which has a piston engine. The sound heard is a turbine.

The front right light of Ourumov's car gets broken at the beginning of the tank chase, but is fixed later in the chase.

The two parachutes on the helicopter escape pod are white in long distance shots but red, white and blue in close-up on the ground.

When Xenia is killing the Canadian Admiral on the yacht, and the ID card is stolen, the uniform shown has British-Style looped multiple bar braiding for sleeve rank and pilots wings above the sleeve braid (also in the British fashion). Canadian Admirals have only a single wide gold bar on the sleeve. The different levels of Flag rank (Commodore, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral and Admiral) are identified by insignia worn on shoulder epaulets with one to four maple leafs distinguishing the various levels. Canadian military pilots would wear their "wings" on the left breast above any medal ribbons.

When Goldeneye satellite is revealed in space, Earth is turning one direction in one cut, and the opposite direction in the next cut.

When the man on the ship is introducing the waiting public and media to the Tiger helicopter, a large rowing boat goes behind him... twice.

The GoldenEye satellites are said to be orbiting 100 km above the earth, but that is far too low. The minimum altitude necessary to place something in a stable orbit is 640 km. Any object lower than that soon falls back to earth due to atmospheric drag.

When Jack Wade gets out of his plane to rendezvous with Bond, he looks to his left and says, "Banyan trees." The full surrounding area was visible when he was coming in for a landing, and there were no banyan trees.

Admiral Farrel's ID card is in English only. Any ID card issued by the Canadian government would be in English and French.

When the Tiger is landing at the remote station, there is already snow on the bottom of the helicopter's tires.

Wires pulling the cockpit of the Tiger helicopter upwards are visible when Bond ejects it from the helicopter just moments before it explodes.

When the train is rushing toward the tank, the number of cars attached changes between shots.

When Ourumov is unloading James's Walther PPK, he doesn't eject the shell inside the chamber which would have been cycled in after he had shot it. He then hands James a loaded weapon which could have easily killed him.

When Bond is on the yacht and discovers the body of Admiral Farrell in the closet, Farrell's mouth is closed when we first see him slipping out of the closet door. In the next shot, his body is landing on the floor, and this time, his lips are drawn back and his teeth are bared in a death grimace.

In the marching band sequence in the square in St Petersburg, the bell lyre players in the band are not playing, but their sound is clearly audible on the soundtrack.

When Bond and Natalya slide down the inside of the dish, the gradient is a lot less than in all other shots.

When Bond is running down the ramp to the room in the GoldenEye radio telescope and Alec is shooting at him, the stunt double flips and in the first shot his leg clips the edge of the railing, but in the second shot the stunt man rolls cleanly through the catwalk with both legs between the rail.

You can clearly see a roller under Bond as he slides down the satellite dish with Natalya.

Bond stops sliding by putting his feet on a lip on the hole in the middle that was not there previously.

When Trevelyan is shooting at Bond on his way up to the satellite dish Trevelyan is holding his gun against his face from the front view and in front of his chest from the back view.

As the satellite dish is draining the water towards the finale of the movie, the motion of the water indicates that the film was reversed to give the draining effect.

After he has skydived into the falling plane, we see Bond climbing into the pilot's seat and sitting down as if in normal gravity. As both he and the plane are in free-fall, he would be effectively in weightlessness.

In the final confrontation on Trevelyan's satellite dish, Trevelyan unloads a full clip of his Browning BDM before reloading and continuing in his pursuit of Bond. This Browning holds 13 rounds and in the ensuing fight, only three rounds are discharged before the gun is out of ammunition. It's hardly likely that a professional ex-00 agent would keep half-full magazines at the ready.

During Bond's tour of Q's laboratory, a boom mic is briefly visible at the top of the screen.