Mistakes - Goldfinger

When Bond enters his hotel room he hangs his gun on a peg that is well away from the bath tub. When the assassin lands in the tub the gun is within an arm's reach.

The reflection that Bond sees in the girl's eye isn't a mirror image like a true reflection would be.

Position of Smithers's hand/cigar jumps between shots.

At the Miami resort, when Goldfinger walks towards the card table, on the far left you can see Bond and Leiter standing watching Goldfinger in the background. In a close up shot of Bond and Leiter we see Bond reaching for a towel and putting it on his shoulder, but then in the wide shots there is no towel over his shoulder and he never moves.

Before Goldfinger joins his opponent at the card table in Miami, the cards are blue, but when Goldfinger sits down and they begin the game, the cards are red. (There is another deck of cards on the table, also red, but they remain untouched throughout the scene.)

Bond walks into Goldfinger's suite to find Jill Masterson laying on her stomach, talking on the short-wave radio. In the reverse shot, she is on her back.

Bond drops a bottle of wine onto the floor after being hit by Oddjob and he falls and lands almost on top of the bottle, but in the next shot it's a few feet away to his left side.

After being knocked out in his hotel suite kitchen in the Fountainbleu hotel in Miami, Florida, Bond returns to the bedroom where he will discover Jill Masterson painted gold. The room is dark; he must turn on the light to see. But since he's on a British sound stage, and not really in Florida, he does what comes naturally: flicks the wall switch down to turn the light on (since most wall switches in the UK work that way).

As Bond regains consciousness after being struck by Oddjob, the shadow of the camera and boom moving is visible on the bottom of the cupboards.

During the golf game, Bond is standing to the left and slightly behind Goldfinger. Yet the bar of gold 007 drops lands to Goldfinger's right. When we see Bond in the next shot, he's still in his original position.

When Oddjob uses his hat to severe the statue's head, the hat is seen to continue flying away from the statue. In the next shot the hat is seen on the ground beside the statue's head.

After the golf match, Bond and Goldfinger have a little conversation, with Goldfinger in the back seat of his 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III. When the car leaves, the back seat is empty.

When Bond is tracking Goldfinger's car in Switzerland, the map on his dashboard show's Goldfinger's blip moving north from Geneva along a lakeside road, yet the shots of the cars indicate a high mountain pass.

When Bond is shot at on the hillside in the first shot, he is shown to be far away from Goldfinger with a road in between them, but in the next shot, he is on the lower road with the shooter where he was.

When Bond and Tilly are chasing each other on the hillside, interior shots of Bond's car show a rocky bank (visible in the drivers window), yet exterior shots show Bond driving next to a steep drop.

When Tilly falls after her fatal encounter with Oddjob's hat, she lands on her back. When Bond comes over to kneel over her body, it is face down.

The car goes off the road at the curve with the oil slick by turning sharply the wrong way, rather by than continuing on a tangent as it should.

When Auric Goldfinger is talking to Mr. Ling about the process of melting down the gold from the car, his lips never move.

The interior scenes in Pussy Galore's JetStar are filmed in a sound stage far too large to be the interior this particular aircraft. The JetStar interior barely fits two small seats side-by-side with a tiny isle in between. Additionally, Bond would not be able to stand up-right in the cabin of a JetStar.

When we see Pussy Galore's private jetliner in the long shots, the strings that are suspending the model plane are visible.

When Felix Leiter and the other agent follow Oddjob and the soon to killed Mobster to the airport, the Ford Thunderbird they are driving has no "fender skirts", or coverings for the rear wheel openings on some luxury cars. After they loose the signal in Bond's transponder, they return to Goldfinger's ranch, and as they pull up by the fence, the T-bird suddenly has fender skirts.

The 1964 Lincoln Continental that Oddjob takes to be crushed becomes an engineless 1963 Continental as it is being compacted.

When the Lincoln is being crushed, there is no body visible in the back seat.

After the Lincoln is crushed, it is gently lowered onto the bed of Oddjob's Ford Ranchero pickup, which would have crushed it. A '64 Lincoln weighs close to 5000 lbs, not counting the the extra weight of the gold that was supposed to be in it (or the body... ), and that year Ranchero had a max load weight of approximately 1000 lbs. A mid-sixties Ranchero was built on the Falcon chassis.

When Felix and his partner are following Odd Job to the airport, thinking they are tracking Bond, they are supposed to be in Kentucky but palm trees are visible in the background en-route.

In the scene where Leiter contacts M on the green scrambler, the south portico of the White House is shown through a window behind him. There are no structures directly south of the White House to the Tidal Basin except for the Washington Monument.

When Bond is listening beneath the model of Fort Knox, just after he is caught by Pussy Galore, his vest has one button undone. But is the next shot, still standing in the same place, the button is done up.

When Pussy Galore's Flying Circus lands at Blue Grass Field, the blonde girl we see getting out of the first Piper is not among the group of pilots who report to Pussy in the next shot. When the girls are dismissed, there are no planes in the background.

Goldfinger's crew uses a giant truck-mounted laser to burn their way through the Fort Knox entrance. Several shots of the truck show the laser beam being moved across the entrance extremely rapidly; however, when these shots are intercut with views of the entrance itself, the beam inches across the entrance door very, very slowly.

The helicopter that delivers Pussy Galore, Goldfinger and the "nuclear device" to the depository has the registration N-ASAZ. Aircraft registrations in the USA haven't used the "N-and four letters" system (as used in the UK, for instance, with G in place of N) since 1927.

After the soldiers are all knocked out by nerve gas, the procession to the gold depository is led by an army jeep. The jeep shown keeps switching back and forth from a WW2 era jeep to a much later 1950s-style jeep. The trucks also change between shots.

At Fort Knox, the sergeant's stripes on Kisch's uniform are the type used by the United States Air Force, not the Army.

The U.S. Army Brigadier General is addressed as "Brigadier"; U.S. Army, Air Force and Marine Corps officers of this rank are addressed as "General", since in the U.S. military it is a General officer's rank. "Brigadier" is strictly a British or Commonwealth form of address.

The heavy metal door at Fort Knox flutters to the floor after being cut by the laser.

In the Fort Knox vault, the gold is stacked too high to be practical. Given the weight and softness of gold, the lower bars of the stacks would be flattened by the sheer weight of the bars above them.

During the fight with Oddjob in Fort Knox, Bond picks up a stick-like object off the floor as a weapon. The next shot, showing Bond wave the stick and begin to launch it at Oddjob, clearly uses a stunt double, his hair and physical build being different from that of Connery.

Whenever we're looking away from the bomb's countdown timer, it fails to advance as fast as it should, even though from time to time we do hear ticking at the same rate that the counter changes. For example, we see it tick from 010 to 009 and then hear 4 more ticks before it is stopped, but it then displays 007 and not 005. This was due to to the scene being changed during the edit process to end on 007 not 003.

When the cabin de-pressurizes, one of Goldfinger's soldiers can be seen on the floor. This suggests that at least a portion of this scene was edited out.

The plane's air pressure gauge drops too far and too fast.