Mistakes - Live And Let Die

In the U.N., the U.K. is shown seated next to Honduras, but countries are actually seated in alphabetical order.

Visible ramp built onto steps of building in New York when taxicab goes up steps and then onto trash cans.

When Tee Hee bends the barrel of Bond's Walther PPK, a close-up reveals that the gun barrel has been pre-cut.

Except for the "Pimp Mobile", every car on the west side highway is a 1973 full size Chevy.

As the real Baron Samedi rises up from underground, the snake handler is shown among the crowd of people witnessing the "vision". He had supposedly been killed by Bond before he shot at the robot Baron Samedi.

In scene in which 007 is interrogated by Mr. Big, Bond is seated in his chair with two metal cuffs snap down on his wrists. However, the left cuff has failed to connect to the other side of the chair, as would be necessary to constrain Bond's left arm.

Rosie Carver pulls a revolver on Quarrel Jr., who then points out that she couldn't have shot him anyhow because the safety catch was still on. Revolvers do not have safety catches.

The whole crew and spectators are reflected in the cab's window when Bond leaves the Voodoo shop.

After Whisper shoots Bond's driver with the side-view mirror dart, Bond takes the wheel from the back seat. We see and hear the rear-view mirror on Bond's car get broken off. In the next shot of the car head-on, after Bond swerves by the Blue Cadillac, the rear-view mirror is intact.

When the taxi driver picks Bond up in New Orleans, his dialog and his lip movements don't match.

The wake from one of the camera boats is visible in one of the boat chase scenes.

When bond makes M a cup of coffee the coffee grinder is alternately empty/full between shots.

In order for Tee Hee to be able to break the gun, he would need to have quite a bit of strength in both his claw and his real hand equally, otherwise the gun would just slip out of his hand when he tried to bend it.

When Tee Hee is feeding the alligators, his wrist moves on the prosthetic arm. Later, in the train fight, his whole arm is revealed when his sleeve rips, and the arm has no wrist joint.

At the voodoo ritual, Bond shoots the man with the snake but a few scenes later he can be seen standing in the background.

In the U.N., Kananga's goons assassinate a delegate by sabotaging his translator. However, it is impossible to die from loud noise alone. The very worst thing that could possibly happen is the man would suffer deafness or severe hearing damage, and these are not life-threatening conditions.

Sheriff Pepper commandeers a Louisiana State Patrol Chevrolet Impala with old-style cylindrical roof lights, at the scene where his own car is destroyed by a boat. But when he arrives at the State Police road-block, he and the Troopers who drive him arrive in an Impala with more contemporary roof-lights. One of the other cars already at the road-block when they arrive appears to be the car they supposedly used to drive to the roadblock.

Bond claims the magnetic watch will "deflect bullets," though bullets are generally copper over lead, and thus nonmagnetic. It's doubtful that any magnetic field would deflect a steel jacketed or steel cored armor piercing military bullet.

We can see a crew member reflection against window just before Bond throws Tee-Hee off the train.

After Bond burns the snake with the cigar and aftershave, he puts the cigar down and coolly applies the aftershave. Then he hears a noise, and leaves the bathroom without picking up the cigar. Shortly after, the cigar is in his hand again and he uses it to he burn the mystery hand with the gun.

Bond is en route to New York (from Idlewild Airport) and his driver is killed the car swerves into the left lane. The next shot shows Bond telling the driver to "take it easy", but the scenery behind Bond (through back window of the car) still shows them as being in the center lane.

During the boat chase, a shot of James' second boat (gold, inboard motor) is mixed in with the first boat (orange, outboard motor).

After Bond destroys the fake Baron Samedi and rescues Solitaire, a man rushes towards him with a machete. Bond shoots him twice. There are two errors. The man's shoulder is already covered in Blood before Bond shoots him, and also, the second shot Bond fires appears to not hit the man, yet the man goes flying backwards as if he is shot.

While Bond is in the taxi cab, asking the driver to go uptown (into Harlem), we see a hill through the rear window. In the next shot, the land is flat.

The first time we see Kananga's limousine parked outside the Fillet of Soul restaurant in Harlem, the driver's side window is rolled down. In the second shot of it, the window is rolled up.

When James Bond gives Mrs. Bell her "flying" lesson, the wings are torn off the plane. Yet when he asks her "Same time tomorrow?", the reaction shot of Mrs. Bell shows an intact left wing.