Mistakes - Licence To Kill

In the pre-title sequence, the AWACS plane is clearly marked with a United States emblem, yet on the inside shots the crew seem to be wearing British emblems on their uniforms.

After the prison van has plunged off the bridge, the cables that are lowering the van to the sea bed can be seen attached to the roof.

When Bond gets out of his car at the airport he puts his tickets in his right inside pocket. He takes them out of his left pocket when approaching the desk.

When Bond arrives at Leiter's house after hearing of Sanchez's escape, the woman and the kid walking on the sidewalk hurry up to go out of his way. The woman instructs the kid to do so by waving her hand.

When Bond examines Della's body, her mouth goes from being open in one shot to being closed in the next.

The discharge of an electric eel does not produce flashes of light in the water.

Sanchez pays Killifer his $2 million bribe in a medium-sized suitcase, describing it as "all in $20 bills". A single suitcase is much too small to hold 100,000 banknotes.

When Bond is captured in Isthmus City, he gets a bloody cut under his left ear, which heals overnight without a trace.

Near the Wavecrest, Bond is on sentinel and jumps off after it reaches the surface. A small boat approaches with four men on board. Two jump into the water after Bond. In the next shot, there are still four men on the boat and two more jump into the water.

When Bond throws the burning gasoline in the lab, he throws it horizontally. The shot then cuts to flaming gasoline falling on, and flooding, the lab table from directly above frame.

Truman-Lodge is shot while carrying a briefcase under his right arm. He is then shown lying on the ground with the briefcase in his left hand.

When Truman-Lodge is shot by Sanchez, he falls off to the side of the road, but when Bond makes his dramatic escape through the fire from Sanchez's henchmen, Truman-Lodge's body is shown lying in the road.

When the air hose on a truck's braking system is severed, the brakes lock on, they do not release as shown.