Quotes - Moonraker

M: Is 007 back from the African job?
Moneypenny: He's on his last leg...

Hugo Drax: James Bond. You appear with the tedious inevitability of an unloved season.
James Bond: I didn't know there were seasons in space.
Hugo Drax: Only winter for you.

M: 007, no slip-ups, or we're both in trouble.

General Gogol: How can I sleep... nothing but problems, problems, problems.

Hugo Drax: Even in death, my munificence is boundless. When this rocket lifts off, I shall be leaving you in your own private crematorium. Mr. Bond, Dr. Goodhead, I bid you farewell.

James Bond: I might have guessed...
Dr. Holly Goodhead: You know him?
James Bond: Not socially. His name's Jaws, he kills people.

Dr. Holly Goodhead: Hang on!
James Bond: The thought had occurred to me.

James Bond: Switched off?
Dr. Holly Goodhead: Permanently!


Hugo Drax: Mr. Bond, you persist in defying my efforts to provide an amusing death for you.

Hugo Drax: [to Corinne] I am terminating your employment. You will leave immediately.

Dr. Holly Goodhead: If you're trying to be ingratiating Mr. Bond, don't bother.

Hugo Drax: Look after Mr. Bond. See that some harm comes to him.

Hostess Private Jet: Any higher, Mr Bond, and my ears will pop.

Miss Moneypenny: Why are you so late, James?
James Bond: I fell out of an airplane without a parachute. Who's in there?
Miss Moneypenny: Q and the Minister of Defense.
James Bond: You don't believe me do you?
Miss Moneypenny: No.

James Bond: Haven't we met somewhere before?
Dr. Holly Goodhead: The face is familiar. As is the manner.
James Bond: Things have become distinctly chilly since we last met.

Hugo Drax: At least I shall have the pleasure of putting you out of my misery.


Miss Moneypenny: James, you look as if you've just fallen off a mountain!
James Bond: Well its funny you should say that.

Hugo Drax: You missed, Mr. Bond.
James Bond: Did I? As you said, such good sport!

[Playing with the poison-needle-pen]
James Bond: I don't see the point... ah, now I do! Not what I want to get stuck with tonight.

James Bond: Moonraker five, that's the answer. Drax's shuttle is armed with a laser.

Dr. Holly Goodhead: Orbital communicator - level ten - zero gravity.

Corinne: The Drax residence. Every stone brought from France. Cute, isn't it?
James Bond: Magnificent. Why didn't he buy the Eiffel tower as well?
Corinne: He did, but the French government refused him an export permit.

Dr. Holly Goodhead: Come on, Mr. Bond. A 70-year-old can take 3 G's.
James Bond: Well, the trouble is there's never a 70-year-old around when you need one.

Hugo Drax: Frederick Gray! What a surprise. And in distinguished company, all wearing gas masks. You must excuse me, gentlemen, not being English, I sometimes find your sense of humor rather difficult to follow!

M: You better get up there, fast.
Q: And I've got something to get him there... if 007 can be trusted to look after it.


James Bond: The animals went in two by two.
Dr. Holly Goodhead: What do you mean by that?
James Bond: Noah's arc, this operation.

James Bond: Oh, I suppose you're right. We would be better off working together. Détente?
Dr. Holly Goodhead: Agreed.
James Bond: Understanding?
Dr. Holly Goodhead: Possibly.
James Bond: Co-operation?
Dr. Holly Goodhead: Maybe.
James Bond: Trust?
Dr. Holly Goodhead: Out of the question.

Dr. Holly Goodhead: This evening I'm giving my address.
James Bond: Then can you think of a reason why we can't go for a drink afterwards?
Dr. Holly Goodhead: Not immediately. But I'm sure I shall.

James Bond: How... fast does it go?
Dr. Holly Goodhead: Can go up to 20 Gs, but that would be fatal.

James Bond: One more thing? You deliver a shuttle to the US government, then you hijack it. Why?
Hugo Drax: One of my shuttles developed a fault in assembly.

Q: It's activated by nerve impulses from the wrist muscles.
James Bond: Like this?
M: Oh, thank you, 007!
Q: Be careful, will you? Now, there's ten darts: five blue-tipped, armour-piercing; five red-tipped, cyanide coated, causing death in thirty seconds.
James Bond: Very novel, Q. Must get them in the stores for Christmas.

James Bond: Meanwhile, how do you kill five hours in Rio... if you don't samba?


Dr. Holly Goodhead: I can only hope your presence here is a coincidence.

Hugo Drax: First there was the dream, now there is reality. Here in the untainted cradle of the heavens will be created a new super race, a race of perfect physical specimens. You have been selected as its progenitors. Like gods, your offspring will return to Earth and shape it in their image. You have all served in public capacities in my terrestrial empire. Your seed, like yourselves, will pay deference to the ultimate dynasty which I alone have created. From their first day on Earth they will be able to look up and know that there is law and order in the heavens.

James Bond: Bollinger? If it's '69 you were expecting me.

Hugo Drax: You are not a sportsman - why did you break off the encounter with my pet python?
James Bond: I discovered he had a crush on me.

James Bond: Take a giant step back for mankind.

Hugo Drax: Allow me to introduce you to the airlock chamber. Observe, Mr Bond, your route from this world to the next. And the treacherous Dr Goodhead; your desire to become America's first woman in space will shortly be fulfilled.
Bond: Leaving you on your flying stud farm.

Jaws: Well, here's to us.

James Bond: [referring to Jaws and Dolly] Don't worry, they'll make it. There's only 100 miles to earth.

Hugo Drax: You have arrived at a propitious moment, considered to be your country's one indisputable contribution to Western Civilization: Afternoon tea. May I press you to a cucumber sandwich?
James Bond: Thank you no, nothing at all.


Hugo Drax: How would have Oscar Wilde have put it? "To loose one aircraft would be an accident. To loose two would seem like carelessness."

Hugo Drax: Desolate, Mr. Bond?
James Bond: Heartbroken, Mr. Drax.

Dr. Holly Goodhead: Have you broken something?
James Bond: Only my tailor's heart.

James Bond: What was that for?
Dr. Holly Goodhead: For saving my life.
James Bond: Remind me to do it more often!

James Bond: I'm looking for Dr. Goodhead.
Dr. Holly Goodhead: You just found her!
James Bond: A woman?
Dr. Holly Goodhead: You're powers of observation do you credit Mr. Bond.

Pilot Private Jet: This is where we leave you, Mr Bond.
James Bond: A little premature isn't it?

M: You better take two weeks leave. Any idea where you might go?
James Bond: I've always had a hankering to go to Rio, Sir.

James Bond: Where did you learn to fight like that? NASA?
Dr. Holly Goodhead: No. Vassar.

James Bond: [blasting out the ventilation grill] Hmm, bang on time!

Hugo Drax: Jaws, Mr. Bond must be cold after his swim. Place him where he can be assured of warmth.


James Bond: Standard CIA equipment. And the CIA place you with Drax, correct?
Dr. Holly Goodhead: Very astute of you, James.
James Bond: Not really. I have friends in low places.

James Bond: Your dream, whatever sort of nightmare it is, hasn't a chance, Drax.
Hugo Drax: You think not? We shall see.

Dr. Holly Goodhead: James?
James Bond: I think it may be time to go home.
Dr. Holly Goodhead: Take me 'round the world one more time.

Hugo Drax: Your reputation precedes you.

Corinne Dufour: My mother gave me a list of things not to do on a first date.

[Holding Q's x-ray safe-cracker to Corinne's chest]
Bond: There you are you see, you have a heart of gold.


Porter: The president's suite.
James Bond: Oh really. Don't bother showing me the rest, if I get lost I'll call a cab.

Sir Frederick Gray, Minister of Defence: My God, what's Bond doing?
Q: I think he's attempting re-entry, sir.